10 Tips For Effective Workplace House Keeping


House-keeping is a term usually used for basic cleaning activities such as dusting, moping, cleaning floors, organizing clutters, etc. and always considered a home based work. When we talk about workplace house-keeping, a lot of people fail to catch the real meaning of this term. Yes, you also need your workplace to be kept clean and tidy, not just ensuring a good positive energy in the workplace but to also allow the employees to work with ease and in proper hygienic environment.

So, if you are a bit confused about basic Workplace house-keeping tips, here are 10 points to help you get the job done, with ease.

  1. Clean and dry floors

Make sure you have the floors cleaned and moped well in frequent time durations. This will help avoid slips, trips and even falls, thus preventing your employees from going on long medical leaves due to a cracked bone.

So, report the cleaning staff about spills and leaks. Keep the exits and the aisles open. Install warning signs where needed and repair damage flooring.

  1. Avoid fire hazards

Working in a workplace includes several threats, including fire! So, always keep your workplace stocked with fire extinguishers. Also make sure that all inflammable items are kept away from electronic areas and covered well with insulation products. Also remember to have a good fire-alarm and fire exit in your workplace.

  1. Industrial vacuums

No matter whether your workplace is an open space or an office with glass walls, you will always find dust accumulating in the walls, racks and floors easily. This can lead to health issues in your employees and also increase the risk of fire hazards. So, use an industrial vacuum to clean the walls, floors, ceilings and other machineries on regular basis.

  1. Shelves and racks

Prevent the fall of things in your workplace with the help of good quality shelves and racks. Keep all the required products in order and in these cases. This will prevent people from tripping or even getting exposed to hazardous items.

  1. Clearing clutter

Always keep the workplace free from clutter. Dump any waste material you see into the dustbins. This simple tip will help avoid cuts, injuries and even let you work freely. A cluttered workplace  always increases the possibilities of an accident.

  1. Proper storage

Store all your products safely in the storage area or storage boxes. Never store things in the wrong places or you may just have to bear with the painful consequences of accidents or falls. Once used, remember to keep the things back in their place to avoid clutter and inconvenience.

  1. Inspect tools before use

Before using any work tool, make sure you inspect it rightly. This will only help you and your employees to keep away from accidents. For instance a leaking oil valve in your workplace can lead to a hazardous accident. But if you inspect it and repair it before use, the hazards can be prevented.

  1. Keeping your space tidy

Keeping your workplace tidy is not just the task of your cleaning staff. Every individual working in the office needs to take up the responsibility of keeping their surroundings clean, starting from their own desk.

  1. Follow House-keeping rules

Make rules in your workplace related to house-keeping. This will make every employee to follow the rules without any hesitation and also make the job of the cleaning staff much easier.

  1. Follow Long-term cleaning plans

If you are adamant on keeping your workplace clean and tidy forever, remember to follow a schedule and a long term plan with charts and records. This will help you to remember the products that need attention and which need to be replaced.