10 Tips For Safe And Comfortable Winter Trekking!


Trekking is always fun, no matter which weather you go in! Going in an adventure trip, helps you get closer to nature and make you realize how vulnerable we are despite of the latest technologies, gadgets and knowledge against the power and beauty of Mother Nature. You have to be absolutely prepared when you go in an adventure trekking trip to some of the most beautiful places, especially if you are going during the frosting Winters. Here are 10 tips to help you trek safe and comfortable in the winter season.

  1. Wear Right layers of Clothes

If you are going on a trekking trip during the winters, it is a must that you wear the right layers of clothes to stay warm, comfortable and safe. If you catch cold, your trekking trip is over even before you started it.

Base layer: Wear a woolen layer inside that you are comfortable in and doesn’t itch.

Mid Layer: Wear fleece clothes in the mid layer. They are light weight and keep you quite warm.

Outer Layer: Choose a wind-proof jacket as your outer layer to keep away the freezing winter winds.

For your face, use a cap that covers your head, neck and half face, leaving space for just your goggles and nose to breathe.

  1. Choose the right trekking gears

When you are going for trekking in the winter season, you need to choose the right gears for your trip.

Shoes: Choose regular shoes if the weather is just cold and not snowing. For ice, wear special winter snow shoes.

Tent: Carry your cozy and comfortable tents to stay in amidst the beautiful weather.

Sled: Carry a sled if you are going to camp and trek in snow clad areas. It will help you carry your luggage with ease.

  1. Consider Safety first

Always keep your safety first. Hire a trekking guide and follow the tips. No matter how experienced you are it is always best to follow your guide as they know best about the place and the weather.

Also choose to use any gadget you have that can allow people to know where you are during your trekking trip. So, if you get trapped in the harsh weather, the person monitoring your movements can easily track you down and get you back home safely.

  1. Learn about your trekking site

Before you go trekking, make sure you gain as much information as possible regarding your camping and trekking site. The more you know, the better it is for you. You can easily navigate the locations and choose the right path for your trip.

Also choose to keep the best safety gadgets with you that will help you cut through the right trees and bushes easily, without hurting yourself.

  1. Check the weather before you leave

Before you leave for your trekking, make sure that you learn about the weather. During the winters, it doesn’t take time for the weather to change. And so, it is a must that you check the weather before you leave for your trekking trip.

  1. Drink water

During winters, the last thing anyone wants to do is drink water. But, when you go for trekking, make sure you drink water and stay hydrated. Use insulated water bottles or thermos to keep your water from freezing. Drink water whenever you wish to, but stay hydrated or you may feel dehydrated.

  1. Nutrition

Eat and drink healthy stuff so that you get all the nutrition you need to enjoy your trekking trips. Carry soups, tea, snacks, food, nuts, chocolate, etc. which will help you stay energetic ad strong throughout your trip.

Carry a stove to warm and cook your food during lunch and dinner.

  1. Trek in a group

When you are out trekking, going in numbers is the best the thing. You have people around you to help you and care for you. Safety is always best in numbers.

  1. Stay alert

Stay alert about your whereabouts, the places around you, the climate, weather change and injuries. Always stay alert and treat your injuries first before they become severe.

  1. Be ready to back off

A good trip is when you reach your destination and trek back safely. So, if the weather is not good, don’t feel shy in backing down.