10 Tips to Mental Health & Well-Being


We live in world where most of us have now become conscious about our physical fitness and health. But we often forget out mental health and well-being .If our minds are not fit, then physical fitness would be of no use. A healthy mind is imperative to handle the pressure of challenges of our routine life with ease and confidence.

 Boost your mental well-being and feel the difference by following these few simple steps.

1. Take good care of yourself: Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well and staying active. Both physical and mental health is closely linked; it’s easier to feel good inside if your body feels good. Exercising daily is good, maybe at the gym or at home .But it to not necessary to follow the gym routine always. You can stay active and fit by doing any physical activity like swimming, walking, gardening, dancing and while doing household chores even. Combine physical activity with a balanced & nutritious diet that would help keep your body and mind feeling good.

2. Build strong connects: Yes, it is important to connect and talk to people. You need people to support you and enrich your life as it is not possible to do everything alone. But always choose quality over quantity. Trust me you don’t need a lot of people to be with; just those who would impact your life in a positive way and in turn affect your well-being. You would surely see the difference when you invest  in strong and meaningful relationships

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3. Share hobbies, activities & interests: Join a club or group of people who share your hobbies and interests. Being part of a group with like-minded people who love what you love to do is great for your mental health as it gives you a sense of belonging and you are not left alone. There are various options available these days .You can join a book club, a karaoke group, a walking or cycling group and even a food club .The list is endless.

4. Set aside some enjoyment time: ‘All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy’. An old saying and I’m sure you don’t want to be Jack. It is imperative to set aside some time for hobbies, activities and interests that you enjoy. Be creative & spontaneous and never let your age bar you from what you love to do. Spend time with your children, play with them, go out on nature walks, paint, sing, do whatever that makes you happy.  

5. Volunteer for a noble cause: We live in a society that has a lot of issues and concerns and by lending a helping hand you can atleast help resolve some of them. When you help someone without any selfish cause or motive you feel good from within, your mind is happy. If you make an effort to improve the lives of others who need help and support, you are sure to improve your life too.

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6. Sleep well:  It is very important to get plenty of sleep.  A good sleep restores your mind and body. So avoid going to sleep late and get a proper night’s sleep to feel refreshed the next day. If you don’t sleep well, you would end up feeling very lethargic the next day and would not be able concentrate. Take proper rests and breaks even during the day so that you are not fatigued.

7. Handle stress:  It is not possible to lead a stress free life, but you need to be aware of how to handle this stress. It is important that you know what exactly triggers your stress levels and once you know the reason you should try and avoid it. Handle stress by staying calm and figuring out a solution to get rid of the same. Don’t make stress overpower you because then it would pose a threat to your mental well-being. a good and balanced lifestyle can help you manage stress well . Meditation & Yoga are great mechanisms that would help you take care of your stress issues.

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8. Ask for support &help:  Admit it ! You are no super man or woman who does not need help. It can become both mentally & physically challenging to try and do everything on your own .So reach out to those who can help you in your routine chores. You make take the help of your friends and relatives to maybe take care of your child when you are away or get groceries for you on days you are too busy .We all face challenges in our life and by asking for help we can try and handle them just a little better 

9. Accept Challenges:  It is good to challenge yourself. Set a new goal or learn something new .Such challenges are really good for your mental well-being .It helps you gain more confidence to handle the daily challenges. Try learning a new recipe or some form of art or maybe you can set a fitness target.

10. Learn to enjoy the moment:  We end up doing so many things but not really enjoying them. Relax and take a moment to enjoy them. Feel the beauty in all that you do and whatever is around you. Try and just be in the moment and enjoy it. Being aware of both your inner and outer world and trying to enjoy these moments are very healthy for your mental well-being.A happy mind will lead to a happy soul.

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"What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality "–Plutarc

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