10 Tips To Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel


Traveling is a great way to de-stress after a hectic schedule most of us in modern times are packed with. While a change of climate can be extremely relaxing for most, it can actually result in the exact opposite for some. Your body takes a while to acclimatize to different living and climactic conditions all of a sudden, and it should always be considered when you travel either for work or pleasure.
SafetyKart has compiled a list of 10 health tips you should always keep in mind when you travel in order to avoid falling sick, and here they are:

Take Vaccines According To Destination

Every country or even every city is not the same. The cultures, the climates, the lifestyles, everything is different and sometimes even drastically. Hence, it’s a good idea to prepare for a vacation by taking necessary medicines and vaccinations beforehand itself. Keep this in mind especially if you are going to a place with a warmer average temperature than your native place. Do this for sure if you are heading to a country with tropical climate.

Consult A Doctor Before Traveling

Nobody knows your health better than your family doctor does. Sometimes, not even you do. So it naturally means that you should consult that white-robed person as often as you can, and definitely when you are heading out to a completely different climate altogether. Ideally, you should see the doc two weeks prior to the day you are leaving so that you could take all the necessary tests and vaccines required for the impending climate or temperature change.

Carry A First-Aid Kit

You never know what is in store for you and where, so a first-aid kit is the best idea amidst an unknown territory. Even the smallest of wounds can be fatal sometimes and hence tending to them becomes extremely important as soon as possible; in such cases, first-aid can be life-saving.

Abstain From Unprotected Sex

It is an extremely bad idea to have unprotected intercourse with a stranger in an alien land because you may never know if the other person is carrying any disease that is sexually transmitted. A lot of people end up looking for a partner to have sex with whilst on a vacation, abstain from doing so. Even if you do, always use protection.

Consume Packaged Drinking Water 

Water is the most common and the fastest way to transmit harmful virus and bacteria that can even be fatal in nature. The water-borne diseases are aplenty and you may never even know the symptoms before you are taken seriously ill due to the consumption of polluted water. Hence, always carry packaged drinking water with you wherever you go abroad.

Use Sunscreen

Warmer or tropical countries have a ruthless sun if you plan to spend most of your time outdoors during vacation. You should always protect your skin using a stronger SPF of sunscreen if you are traveling abroad, especially to a coastal region, to protect your skin from sunburns.

Avoid Stray Animals

You may be the kindest animal lover to have ever walked the face of this earth, but avoid caressing or petting stray animals in unknown neighbourhoods. You may never know what diseases they carry and what kind of a mood they are in. A bite wound can be brutal if not attended as soon as possible.

Take Travel Health Insurance

Talk to an individual insurance provider before you go on a long trip abroad. A travel health insurance will cover you in most health-related issues you may encounter according to the country you are bound to visit. It is better to consult the vendor at least a month before you are supposed to travel so you have ample amount of time to complete all the formalities.

Pack The Clothes Accordingly

Some countries boast of extremely unpredictable climates and living conditions. For example, the days can be very hot in an Ethiopian city while the nights can be excruciatingly cold. Hence, it is always better if you pack at least a set of warm clothes too even if you are traveling to a warm country, and vice versa. Moreover, God forbid, if you do manage to fall ill anytime during your trip you will be needing warm clothes to help you get better faster.

Only Eat At Busy Restaurants

While the online travel portals and blogs may excite you to no end to go on and try the local street food of a particular city, it is best if you avoid it as much as possible. Sometimes, your palate may not even be ready for the ingredients and spices that are put in the local street dishes, and hence in order to see most of the alien country’s outdoors and not the indoor washrooms you should avoid getting into a street food eating contest with your fellow-traveler.

Feature Image Source: srtrends.com