10 Tips To Plan Your First Solo Travel Adventure

Solo Travel

It is not at all a scary thing to travel solo. In fact, it’s more exciting than anything you can think of. So if you are planning to go for your first solo expedition, don’t hold back for the reason that tells you ‘What if I stray?’ Follow these 10 tips and plan your first solo travel adventure the correct way!

Select fun place

It is your solo expedition. So do justice and start with findingand spotting out fun locations. Which places you always wanted to visit? A particular national park? A city? Or a Flowerbed?

Choose a place you want to visit. In fact you can even go ahead and explore new places within your country or travel to neighboring countries. It is up to you.

Decide your resting place

This is important. You feel better when you have already booked a resting place in advance. For instance, I had two days and even then I figured out a place in Brisbane, Australia with the help of Airbnb. The couple was incredibly hospitable and were of age. So we kinds gelled well together and had a great time!

Decide you transport route

If you use taxis, you can book one from Uber and get the whole idea of the journey from say Point A to Point B. If you are comfortable with bikes, or rental cars you can book the same in advance. So basically, you need to have a fair idea of the transport of that particular place. Which mediums (cheapest) are you going to take from Point A to Point B? In this way, you don’t waste your time figuring out your transport route

Let there be space for freedom

The point is not to make it like a forced tour. But a retreat, where there are little sweet surprises. After all, that is what an adventure or any tour is for, right? So leave some room for spontaneity. In fact the best vacations are often the unplanned ones. So sleep by the poolside, or read a book in a canopy at a beach, explore geographic traditions, and have a play day!

Let others know your whereabouts (At least some)

It is important to keep someone in the loop in case of emergency. So keep your bestie, or mom or whoever you want in loop about your whereabouts. Also it is a nice way to upload your travel updates on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter especially when you were not socializing for a long term. You know what I mean? 😀

Don’t travel in deep dark

It is a wise maneuver to not travel solo between late night and early morning hours especially in places you don’t know like some during some international travel to a placeyou’re not familiar with.

Don’t drink while you travel

Solo travel is risky when you drink and set your stumbling foots ahead on the road. Remember there is nothing better than a sober conscience while travelling.

Explore deep within

When you travel solo, you learn about things you never realized. There are multiple occasions, when you may feel uneasiness over things not going planned. And that is the time when your thoughts start oozing out of your mind. Don’t get afraid of your thoughts, don’t yearn for unobtrusive, instead yearn for exploring and facing your thoughts. The process of ‘catharsis’ is what you should follow and you will be able to carve out an unforgettable journey that you will want to experience again!


This is perhaps the most important aspect of solo trip. You are going to be alone so you need to plan out expenditures so that you don’t end up disheveling the entire budget leaving you a destitute in the middle of nowhere.

Keeping looking around for the best offer on Flight Tickets

Open a thousand browsers (not literally, but you know what I mean), if it requires, to compare and find the best airline tickets being offered before purchasing one. There are websites such as CheapOAir or Expedia that offer pretty decent deals and that too for long-term as well as short-term travel.

The websites also provide deal packages on various hotels and flights, and also offers combos of hotels + flights. You can call up the company, negotiate a better deal and start planning for your solo tour.

Concluding Tip:

It is important to book your flight tickets if needed at least 4-6 months in advance that is before the day of traveling.If you think to plan out aspontaneous expedition, you will get flight tickets that are much cheaper on Tuesdays as well as Wednesdays.

Alright then it is time to plan your first solo adventure.

Where are you planning your first solo trip to?!

Feature Image Source: journalistontherun.com