10 Tips To Stay Safe While Traveling With A Toddler


A human being’s life can be divided into two parts – before a child and after a child. The way we live drastically changes after there is newborn constantly around us needing attention and care all the time. Children when small are very sensitive and are oblivious of other people’s freedom, mostly their parents being at the receiving end. And if you are a mother, you would understand even better what we mean by the prose gone by.

Traveling with a toddler is never the same as earlier either. One has to predict the whims of a little child, and that only comes with experience. But that does not mean that new parents are at a disadvantage at all. We, at SafetyKart, are here to help you at every step of your parenting journey, right from the good news to the time you believe that you can leave your little one alone for a while. So, if traveling is an absolute necessity, we give you 10 tips to stay safe while traveling with a toddler:

Pack smart

The best hack would be to travel light. But since it may not be possible to do that with an infant or a small child along with you, the second best option is to pack smart. By this, we mean that you always pack all the child’s provisions in a separate small bag or case so that you may access it immediately whenever you want it. Packing all the extra clothes and child provisions in a big case may be very cumbersome to access as the journey approaches.

Prepare to battle germs

Children are extremely sensitive individuals whose bodies are still adapting to the earthly life. Hence they are prone to catching diseases by the minutest of weather changes or air quality. So, it is better to prevent and prepare than it is to repent and repair for the wellness of your little ones. Keep all the basic medicines handy including all the hygiene things like diapers, talcum powder, etc.

Be mentally prepared

It is extremely easy to get flustered with a little baby on board while traveling. You should prepare yourself that your trip would not be as easy as it normally would be. For example, if it is a road trip, it will take possibly double the amount of time as it normally would to reach your destination because there will be instances when the baby will demand to get out of the car for fresh air or just like that. You ought to be mentally prepared for every kind of delay or hindrance. That will be half the battle won.

Leave excess baggage to professionals

Do not travel heavy with toddlers at all because it is next to impossible to take care of luggage all the time. Especially the very bug stuff if you are shifting. Leave them to the professionals, they will handle it and it would take a lot of physical and emotional tax off you before and whilst the trip.

Dress the baby easy

Always try to keep the baby’s outfits as easily replaceable as possible because there are a lot of times when he’ll spoil his clothes or will ask for potty breaks. At that sort of times, you would regret not having dressed him up in a pair of pyjamas instead of a pair of denim jeans.

Assemble a first-aid kit

It is a basic cardinal rule to always carry your first-aid kit along while traveling but it becomes a cardinal sin to not carry it if you have a toddler with you. They are extremely sensitive and also attract injuries very easily. Hence, one should keep the elementary medicines at hand at all times during travels.

Take the sunscreen along

Baby skin is very soft and supple. It becomes red as soon as it is exposed to the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. If you are traveling to a country with tropical climate or any other place for that matter, it is advisable to carry a sunscreen with a light SPF along. Shift your baby’s sleep: This comes in handy if you are traveling to a far-off country. Babies are erratic sleepers anyway, and on top of it if they are exposed to jet-lags, it becomes very difficult to manage them after the flight. Hence, a little research will help you design your baby’s sleep beforehand so you may have a sound sleep thereafter.

Stay well-hydrated

Especially the moms, because they may need to breastfeed the child a lot. And if the mom herself is hungry and hydrated, the baby will not be able to eat properly leading to his irritation and health deterioration.

Bring a goody bag

Babies are unpredictable individuals. They would demand the most outrageous things at the oddest of times. Hence, it is always a great idea to carry a goody bag along with lots of toys in it to keep them busy & entertained during travel.

Feature Image Source: boaterkids.com