10 Tips To Survive Cold Weather Camping


Winter camping can be fun… but only when you Plan and Pack well. With the chilly winter wind blowing, the frosting trees and the soft golden sun rays beaming through, it is all a beauty to marvel, but only when you are toasty warm despite the cold. A month of planning, perfect backpacking and the weather playing its game along, a winter camping trip can be the most mesmerizing experience of your time. So, here are 10 basic tips that you need to follow for a comfortable and cozy winter camping trip.

  1. Choose a nearby camping location

When you go out for camping, try and choose a location that is not very far away from your place. This is an ideal thought, especially when your trip fails to go as planned. For instance, the weather becomes harsh, the arrangement is not compatible, etc. allowing you to return home within no time.

  1. Choose an early season camping

Make sure you choose an ideal winter weather for the camp. Never go when the season is too chilly or snowing. Choose early season such as November or the March – April, when the cold is mild. This will help you not just enjoy the winter fun but also let you stay warm and comfortable throughout your camping session.

  1. Carry Cooked food

Before you go for your camping trip, make it a point to carry as much cooked food as you can. Or choose to carry ready to eat food which would take just a few minutes to be ready. This will save a lot of your time as all you need to do is just warm the food and eat.

  1. Take expert advise

Choose a camping location only after you have studied the area perfectly or have  taken advise from your friends or experts. Consult your friends regarding the camping gears you need to carry, the road, the area, etc. anything that will help you make your camping trip joyous.

  1. Follow weather forecast

Before you leave for your camping trip, make it a point to go through the weather forecast for the next few days. This will help you stay safe and enjoy your camping trip, minus the sudden storms and extreme weather. It is always better to stay safe rather than succumb in the harsh weather conditions.

  1. Dress wisely

Layer yourself wisely to keep the cold away. Wear insulating layers inside your winter clothes. Make sure you avoid basic cotton clothes or the ones that provide poor insulation. Wear thermals, woolen and fleece clothes.

  1. Camp in groups

Camp in groups rather than going alone. When you camp in groups, you are safer despite the weather change and the emergency conditions that suddenly creep up.

  1. Choose protected camping area

When you choose a camping area, choose a place that is protected and keeps you safer from the weather. Choose a place amidst the trees that keep the snow away from you. Also make sure you pack the snow below your tent so that you don’t make the snow melt or deform when you sleep.

  1. Carry Essentials

Pack your backpack carefully, making sure you carry almost everything including, Navigation, Sun protection, Insulation, First-Aid supplies, Illumination gadgets (lights, headlamp), Fire (water proof candles, matchsticks and matches), Repair kit, Emergency shelter, nutrition, hydration requirements, etc.

  1. Provide details about your camping to friends at home

Let your family and friends know about your camping location and plan. This will help them find you in case of emergencies.

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