10 Useful Products for New Moms

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Ok…so you have had your little baby delivered safely into this beautiful world! Congratulations to the new mom and dad!! With the little one now trying to adjust into the new surroundings and environment, it gets supremely important that you have almost everything that may comfort you and your baby best. The list for Must-Buys is never-ending, but amongst them all, there surely are a few products that are extremely important for your baby and a Must-Have for a new mom. So, lay back and take some rest while we mention you the 10 most useful products for a new mom.

The list below is proper blend of products that are important for the new mother as well as for the newborn.

  1. Disposable breast pads

For a new mom, feeding her baby is a completely new experience. But, along with feeding comes one major concern, leaky breasts. Use these disposable breast pads for your leaking breasts and enjoy every moment with your baby and family.

  1. Feeding pillow

Make feeding an easy and cozy task for you and your little baby. Use a feeding pillow to feed your baby without straining your hands and back. These pillows are soft and shaped perfectly to allow your baby feed with ease.

  1. Baby carriers (sling or bouncer chairs)

Although small and perhaps just a few days old, you baby already has a taste or choice for things. He may either like things that are cozy or ones that allow him to stay free and see things around. For the times when you are not feeding your baby or he is not sleeping, buying a sling or a baby carrier seems to be the best choice for your baby.

  1. Baby bathing kit

Give your baby complete care, nourishment and hygiene with a perfect baby bathing kit. Choose one that contains almost everything from baby shampoo, baby body wash, baby cream, baby hair oil and baby body oil. Each of these products is important for giving your baby a relaxing bath and long sleep. Make sure you choose only the best bathing kit.

  1. Nasal aspirator

For newborns, clogged nose is a common problem. But, using your fingers or an ear bud to clean his little nose can be a little risky task. In such situations, using a good quality nasal aspirator is the best option.

  1. Baby medical set

Keep your baby healthy with a quality baby medical set which includes everything from medicine dispenser, medi-nurser, ear syringe and a nasal aspirator. Each of these products is essential especially, when it comes to giving your baby the right dosage of medicines, cleaning the ears and nose.

  1. Baby thermometer

Keeping your baby still to measure his temperature is not quite an easy task. In such situations, using a special baby thermometer that gives you the perfect body temperature within seconds is all that you really need. Buying a baby thermometer for your baby is a must.

  1. Video monitor

Keep a close watch on the small movements of your baby with a high resolution video monitor. The camera records every movement of your baby, giving you peace of mind especially when you are away at work or in another room.

  1. Mosquito repellents

Mosquitoes, although tiny in their size, are today responsible for a series of life risking health conditions such as malaria, dengue and more. Thus, in order to keep your baby safe and away from these diseases, using a mosquito repellent is a must.

  1. Safety Locking nappy pins

And finally, special baby nappy safety pins to avoid pricking and injuries to your baby. Keep your baby in cloth nappies for a comfortable feel with these safety lock pins. Nappies are always a better choice especially when your baby is prone to diaper rashes. Use these pins without any fear of hurting your baby.

Image Courtesy: pregnancyandbaby.com

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