10 Ways To Beat The Boredom Blues In Your Life


Are you under stress at present owing to some ongoing challenges in your life? Is it due to lack of energy, depression, weight problems, or financial issues? Could it be a cause for the recent downturn in your relationship and low self-esteem?

While these are some of the usual legitimate concerns to gloat about, it could be a matter of hidden, less obvious issues. You say you have never heard of such a thing? Let me explain!

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There are always the usual problems in one’s life that you have got to deal with, no questions asked. However, an epidemic of chronic boredom has mixed with these issues and as a result the joy is fast draining out of the lives of millions of individuals all around the world. This has taken a toll on them financially, physically, as well as emotionally.

Most people don’t have anything hip-and-happening to look forward to over the course of their daily lives. It is the case of having the same old breakfast, lunch, and dinner, meeting the same boring people, and indulging in the same old boring conversations. When you multiply that with all the time you get every year, you are faced with a soul sucking, lifeless, boring, and bland existence!

If you are looking to beat the boredom blues in your life, here are some suggestions to follow.

Get out alone to some place

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Most people don’t feel safe about doing things when they are all on their own. Your significant other could be too busy to take you out, or else has simply decided to move on in life. So why not do it yourself! Enjoy a live band show or a movie, or go out and try that new restaurant you had been eyeing up for long.

Try your hand at something new

Take a trip to the community college in your locality. Try your hand at something that you have had prior experience in or are not too good at. It could be anything from cooking Indian food, learning how to speak Italian, or simply picking up on some golf lessons. This gives you a chance to stretch your horizons and make an acquaintance with those people who may take an interest in the same things.

Find yourself a partner

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Now that the matter of relationships has come up, it is about time you get yourself into one. Why you have been single all these years is a mystery in itself, and it is no wonder that you have such a boring life! Find a life partner with whom you can share all those special moments. Someone told me there were some freebies being offered at the piercing pagoda in the local mall. Hurry, offer valid till they last!

Enroll at a gym

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If you are still keen on staying bored in life, you may as well continue to do so while keeping yourself in shape. If you feel that you are becoming something of a bagful of potato chips, enroll yourself at a nearby gym. One look at the treadmill and you will feel lighter by ten pounds!

Take an interview of your grandparents

 This is working on the assumption that they are still alive! If you are not staying with them, pay a surprise visit. Then, sit them down together and subject them to an (informal) interview. It is unlikely they won’t have enough crazy experiences to talk about that will last more than a day!

The world is full of people

Get yourself on a bench in some crowded area- a train station, bus stop, or airport is a great place to start. You can get hold of some popcorn or other light snack if you like. Then, simply wait and observe. There is nothing more interesting in this world than people!

Talk to a stranger

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Cut out your shyness and get chatting with a total stranger. Crack a joke with the old guy ahead of you in line or the girl at the checkout counter. Say hello to that lovely guy or girl you had been meeting at the bookstore every week and make sure you get hold of some contact information. Get over your fears of making acquaintances with new people.

Eat Your Favorite Dish

This could be a hot dog, an ice cream, or an ala carte meal at your favorite restaurant. Ditch your normal diet routine and go out to binge on your favorites once in a while. Trust me, there’s nothing better than food to forget all worries in life.

Engage on a DIY project at home

 It is not necessary that you have to think up something super-complicated, start simple! In case you find ideas hard to come by, just recollect why Pinterest was created in the first place.

Get up and get out

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It is time you said goodbye to your laptop and took a breather. If you find it difficult to get over, simply drop it in the bathtub. You can always get a new one later! Then, force yourself to step outside. The last time I checked, that was where all the excitement was taking place.

While these changes may take some time in getting accustomed to, soon you will realize that life is not all that dull and boring as you had earlier perceived it to be!

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