10 Ways To Get Better Skin Without Any Make Up!


Makeup or no makeup…who doesn’t wish to look beautiful and radiant. But, if you thought that you could look gorgeous only with a little makeup on your face, you have probably got the concept of beauty completely wrong. Women love themselves and always wish to look their best at any given time, alone or surrounded by people they love. But, applying makeup is not the solution for a radiant look. You can look beautiful even without makeup only if you have a beautiful skin that glows with health. And trust me, once you see your skin glow with health, you will fall in love with it, and naturally avoid applying makeup to your skin.

But how can you enhance your skin texture? Can you treat your skin and get rid of the small dead skin layer and see your skin radiate with health? Here are 10 tips to better your skin without makeup. Follow them and see the real you in the mirror.

  1. Use Natural And Chemical Exfoliates

Cleanse your skin and prepare it for your no makeup regime. Using a natural exfoliate is the best way to remove dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria from your face, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. However, once in a week, use a chemical exfoliate which can help cleanse your skin deeply, removing bacterial growths, breakouts and clogged pores to give your skin an even tone and reduced possibilities of breakouts.

  1. Use Sunscreen

Whether you are going out or are in your home, make sure that you apply a considerable amount of sunscreen on your skin. Wear a minimum of SPF 50 on your skin every single day. Using a sunscreen automatically helps reduce brown spots, tanning and irritation on your skin which can lead to acne.

  1. Stay Inside

Avoid going outdoors much, especially when you are not wearing any makeup. Staying inside, helps you keep away the harmful rays of the sun, reduces wrinkles and keeps your skin look fresh.

  1. Stay Active

Workout and stay active to keep your hormones balanced. Exercises, basic home activities and sleep, all contribute effectively in keeping your body metabolic activities within their limits. This way, you indirectly take care of your skin.

  1. Stay Sexually Active

While having sex, your body releases a good proportion of hormones, especially cortisol, which tighten your skin, decreasing wrinkles, and keeping your skin look young. Also, when you have sex, you are sure to have a better sleep that also helps your skin revive and look radiant.

  1. Even Tone With Face-Powder

Not every woman has an even toned skin. Also, the skin type varies from person to person. Thus, using a face powder depends on your skin tone and its oiliness. In case your skin tone is not even or you have an oily skin, applying a little amount of face powder will automatically help you take care of both the issues. However, make sure you use just a little bit to complement your natural skin.

  1. Face Mask

Want the glorifying radiance on your skin? Well, use a good face mask on your skin at night before you sleep or during the day, whenever you get time. The ingredients in the mask will help moisturize your skin, keep it soft and bring out a glow on your skin.

  1. Eat Healthy

A healthy diet is the basic need for a healthy skin. So, give up on your junk food cravings and follow a proper balanced diet that keeps your body metabolic activities stable, while also nourishing you to the core. You will see the effect on your skin for sure.

  1. Meditation

Combat your stress with a small trick, mediation. Take deep breath whenever you can, with your eyes closed, and feel your body relax. Meditation allows your body to relax, decreases stress levels and gives your skin, the needed glow from within.

  1. Relax

Apart from meditating, is there anything you love to do to relax yourself? If yes, do that. Take a warm bath, go for a spa, etc. but feel relaxed from within.

Image Source: www.ladiesthoughts.com