12 Most Infamous Places Known For thefts While Travelling


Everything has a bright side and a dark side to it. This also is true with regards to globetrotting. So if a city engrosses you in its exotic lull and wonder, don’t let your senses go in a limbo as you may just find your passport or a camera missing! Below are 12 places where you should keep your eyes, and mind, open always while travelling.

Caracas, Venezuala

The political instability here has carved a bad image for the city. There are frequent violent occurrences in the form of petty thefts. So if you’re travelling there, ensure your belongings are safe.

Lagos, Nigeria

This is another place where hoodlum gangs’ pickpocketing people is an everyday incidence. So don’t carry money bag and expensive things, rather store them at your place of residence in a safe storage keep. Also avoid clicking pictures as it may lead to reprehensible consequences.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico is place where mugging incidents are common. Though the Government intervention has reduced the frequency of such incidents, it is better to stay alert.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This may seem sharp but undeniable that Rio is a famed lawless city where its long streets are home to limitless assaults, and petty thefts.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a beautiful city, but beware of places labelled as “danger zones” by the authorities. Violent thefts, mugging and stabbing incidents are common during the dark.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

This city has seen its crime statistics go down from limitless to few. However, numerous petty thefts are consistent. Especially, avoid drinking and sitting in a cab if you cannot retain your consciousness.

Johannesburg, South Africa

The safer areas are all safe. But it is necessary to ensure steady working GPS every day. Also be back at home before dark, and shut your doors. Also shelter your car, without leaving it on road. Or else you may find a shell on its rims the next morning.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona fans may find this little offensive. But hey! We cannot deny Barcelona to be known as the pickpocket capital of the world. The so called experts don’t even fear to pass on the trade tactics to little kids who go on to become jiffy pick pocketters!

Rome, Italy

Rome is also a place where mugging incidents are common during public transport. You can however, evade them travelling in taxis that are not too expensive. Especially beware of those charming gypsies that lull you while their cronies jab you and leave you empty!

Prague, Czech Republic

While travelling in Prague, stay vigilant while you stroll around the subway stations, also Old Town Square and Prague Castle. It is a safe place but it is better to keep your senses on guard to prevent any mischief.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is again a place where incidents like assault, robbery, pickpocketing are common. The situation has worsened after the thieves have started using new techniques to success their malicious intent. The burglars may also come to you veiled as cops or officials and ask for your passports and other things. So be careful.


Tourists visiting Hanoi have often alluded to the growing incidents of crimes there. This includes methamphetamine theft. The petty thefts and assaults is another set of rampage in Hanoi. So as precautions first and foremost, don’t do meth. Also keep yourself distant from those who are meth heads and those who sell meth. It is even more difficult to avoid pickpockets as they are known to be the world’s stealthiest!Also beware of motorcycle thieves, who can snatch one’s purse, wallet, or cell phone and disappear in a jiffy!

This blog is not to frighten readers but to inform them so that they can take care of themselves while travelling and return home safely. It is always wisest to be alert wherever you go. This helps you stay safe, avoid mishaps, and evade unnecessary blunders. Besides, there are a lot of personal care products, which are equipped with the right things that help you guard off any danger. So keep wandering this beautiful world but whilst staying under a protective sheath- your vigilance.

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