14 Ways Of Making Life Better


Nobody is perfect and no life is at its best. So create a better life filled with joy even after having million reasons to remorse for. Making your life better is never late, you can begin to work upon it from now itself.

These 14 ways of making life better would make you ponder on your current way of living and give you a life you never wondered upon!

1. Selfless Act

Selfless Deed

The world is no less filled with selfishness, so why not just with a selfless act, make your life a better one! Helping an elderly person to cross the road, feeding stray dogs or providing old clothes to beggars can be among many more such good acts that can improve your way of living a life.

2. Meditation


Meditating for atleast 15 minutes everyday improves your lifestyle, increases concentration level and allows you to get with a fresh mind for the entire day.

3. Taking up a challenge

Taking up a challenge

Why to get scared of everything everytime? Take up a new challenge whenever possible. Involve in the dangerous risk atleast it will teach you to be strong, to have trust in yourself and enjoy the adventure.

4. Keeping a Journal

Write a Journal

Writing keeps your thoughts free and make them vocal. Maintain a journal and notice the change in yourself!

5. Reading


Reading has its own benefits. You are never left alone if you have something to read. You learn, you think and most importantly you get to feel the words and their meanings.

6. Walk up the stairs

Taking Stairs

It is good to take up the stairs sometimes. This keeps you fit and healthy. Blood circulation and functioning of heart becomes smooth.

7. Wake up early

Wake up Early

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Wake up early morning and breathe in the fresh air. You will be rejuvenated from within.

8. Cold Shower

Cold Showers

To stay fresh, to relax and to get rid of worries, a cold shower is the solution to keep you clean and refreshed.

9. Ditch a bad habit



The one thing that you feel is not good for you can be easily ditched for a month. And then, you'll not like it anymore.

10. Social Break

Go Offline

At times for immense peace, you should stay away from gadgets and technology. You feel detached from social world which is necessary for mental peace and growth.

11. Learn to Draw


Drawing/painting makes you happy. Learn to draw a human face for instance and bring a smile on both yours as well as the other person's face.

12. Learn to Cook

Learning New Recipie

There is no harm in spending time to grow and imbibe your hobbies. Why not learn to cook something new and try it with your friends and family!

13. Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Keeping yourself hydrated with gallons of water is necessary for a healthy body. Skin, hair, lips, liver, kidney, brain, or other digestive functioning requires water to keep you beautiful, strong, healthy and confident.

14. Talking to a stranger

Talking to a Stranger


Mamma told me don't be talking to a stranger…stranger is danger, I had heard this song long back. But if I had not talked to a stranger, how would i have met my closest pal! So, talking to a stranger or getting to know somebody is no harm unless it is going in a good way!

Try any one of these and see the change in yourself!

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This blog was first published in March 2016