3 Benefits Of A Respiratory Nebulizer


For those of us who do not know what a nebulizer is, it is a drug delivery device which is used to pass medication in the form of liquid or mist into the lungs. Usually it is used for people who suffer from respiratory problems (especially good for kids). Medications which are administered via respiratory nebulizers can prevent from developing severe respiratory problems and can also treat several acute conditions. They are considered considerably effective than oral medications or inhalers.

People often had doubts using such a device and did not consider it as a viable option for respiratory problems. However, with advancement of technology and awareness, they are now considered as a safe and effective option. Here are some of the advantages of using a respiratory nebulizer:

Easy Medication Delivery

Nebulizers send medication directly to your lungs – the place where you need it the most. This is unlike other medications which have to pass through the gastrointestinal tract, finally reaching your bloodstream – which takes time. On the flip side, a nebulizer delivers the medication directly to the respiratory tract, with less time wasted. Oral medications usually act after 30 minutes whereas certain nebulizers have shown results starting at 5 minutes.

Fewer Side Effects

As compared to oral medications, Nebulizer medications reduce the risk of side effects. They reduce the risk of short term and long term complications faced by patients. Since the medication acts immediately, it also reduces the anxiety of a child while having a respiratory attack.

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Easy to use

It is always advised to keep a nebulizer at home for those who have respiratory problems. This helps the patient to take the medications right away which may avoid any further medical complications. A respiratory nebulizer is easy to use. It is an electronic device which can be easily managed. In market these days, we get nebulizers which have non-heating compressors. This is important advancement as earlier devices used to get heated up quickly. Newer nebulizers are small enough to be portable and quick to you in times of emergencies. Even babies can be given medication through a nebulizer.

Why you should keep a Nebulizer?

Even though they are available in hospitals, nebulizers can be purchased for home use so that patients who are unwell, especially the young or the elderly can be treated quickly. They have an edge over inhalers as someone who is in middle of an attack may not be able to use it. Also, nebulizers can be effectively used to treat a range of other attacks and several respiratory problems, thus saving lives.

Respiratory nebulizers are available across various online platforms; they come in different price range depending upon their specifications. Majority of the patients do consider keeping one at home for emergencies.  If you are suffering from asthma, bronchitis or any other such respiratory conditions, then your doctor may recommend you to buy a nebulizer. While purchasing online, do keep in mind the product specifications and always buy from trusted stores to avoid complications.

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