3 Must-Haves in Your Car


Safety while driving is something that most of us should be aware of. Yes, we do have the basics in place,like wearing a seat belt while driving, not texting or speaking on the phone and being alert. But safety does not end at this. Whether you are driving down for a vacation or to your office, staying safe and being prepared for any kind of eventuality should be always of prime importance. You could be faced with a life threatening sitaution at any point of time. 

Did you know that the devastating deluge of 26/7 that took place in Mumbai saw many deaths becuase people were trapped in the car. Yes, a lot of lives were lost due to a technical snag in the car that led to a vehicular entrapment. A research shows that vehicular entrapment is of the leading causes of death in an accident. 

Let’s not talk of just accidents, what if you were lost and wanted to navigate your way back? What would you do in a situation like that? Wouldn’t you love own a gadget that works in various ways and has a potential to save you?

Now that we have you attention, take some time out and read through these awesome We’ve listed 3 must-have tools that could save your life. These should be with you when you are driving your car to prevent eventualities and stay protected at all times.  

#1 : resqme®

resqme must-haves in your car

resqme® is a unique tool that has been created to provide safety to drivers from being trapped in their car in case of any emergencies. It comes with a spring loaded stainless steel spike that allows the vehicle occupant to easily break side windows. The carefully concealed stainless steel razor blade can slice through a jammed seatbelt that is refusing to unbuckle due to a malfunction or an impact to prevent vehicular entrapment. This small lifesaving tool can be clipped to your key chain and be stored in any place convenient to the driver.

How to use

If you are trapped in the vehicle, pull the clip away from the product to reveal the cutter and hook it over the jammed or malfunctioning seat belt to cut and free yourself. Push the black head to activate the window breaker. The concealed spring-loaded spike releases to shatter the window and allow you to escape. Shattering the side window with the spike takes as little as 12 lb of pressure, making it convenient to use. The blade and the spike can be used multiple times. This lifesaving tool  is a must-have for everyone who drives a car. Priced at INR 1080, this can be bought from SafetyKart. 

#2 No Nap for Car Divers

Falling asleep at the wheel is not only dangerous, but can also be life threatening not just you and the passengers in your car, but others on the road too. Falling asleep at the wheel is another cause of accidents that can happen on the road. When you are travelling long distance in your car, this is the perfect device that can not only help you stay alert, but also reduce the risk of an accident

How to use

This small safety device can be clipped on your left ear and you have the choice to activate and deactivate the gadget when not in use. This device buzzes loudly if the drivers head falls forward due to drowsiness or as much as tilts forward, thus alerting the driver and averting an accident. This light weight and ergonomically designed safety tool is must for those who are headed for long travels. You can buy this aptly priced, reliable, easy to use and cost effective tool from SafetyKart at INR 350. 

Multi Functional Car Safety Tool #3 Multi functional car tool

This multi-functional car tool is a compact tool that houses many accessories which can be a life saver in an emergency. Right from a flashlight to siren, seat belt cutters and window breakers that allow a safe exit, to a signal light and more this multi-functional tool is a must have in your car. All these features are packed in this sleek torch that has a battery life of almost 10,000 hours. The crank dynamo allows you to generate power without the use of any exterior adapters. You can store this in your bag or the glove compartment of the car and since it is really compact, it does not tale up much space in the comaprtment either. Priced at INR 1920, you can buy this awesome tool from Safetykart

Feature Image source: survissino.rwateny.net