Chalk Bag for the hikers


ChalkBag 300One of the most simplest pieces of climbing equipment, a chalk bag should be a must-have in your hiking, travel and adventure gear, especially if you are a rock climber. This cylindrical chalk bag from Simond is a popular choice because it holds lots of chalk, allows you to slip your hands into it easily and is one of the best options if you set out for long route hikes and treks. This should be a must have in your outdoor adventure gear.

Featuring a classic design and one compartment to hold the chalk powder, this grey coloured chalk bag made with 100% polyester will be a stylish accessory for all travel and hiking enthusiasts. This easy to operate chalk bag can be opened one handed and can be quickly be attached to the belt.  The drawstring around the rim when tightened shuts the bag firmly, ensuring that there are no spillages.

Taking small loops on the chalk bag give you the option of securing it along with your nylon belt to secure it when you are rock climbing or hang.

Expert Tip

Climbing experts say that the chalk bag should be hung on the nylon belt and secured with a buckle fastener.  You will need to hang the belt loosely on your waist. Secure the belt just a bit above the harness so that the bag can easily slide from one end to another. Hanging the bag too low can make it difficult to reach to and keeping it too high will make it difficult for you to dip your hand into the bag.

Price and availability

Priced at INR 549, this must have hiking accessory for all rock climbing enthusiasts is available on SafetyKart.

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