5 Gift Ideas For Your Tots This Children’s Day


Here arrives the day to glorify your kids again. We are talking about Children’s Day that is on 14th of November. The day is celebrated to commemorate Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday and cherish childhood memories. Make your kids’ day delightful with different choices of useful and lovely presents. Glance through them and make your choice!

Gifts comprise a wide range of products like games, comics, fancy creative indoor games, chocolates and much more. With all the jumble of colorful and entertaining Children’s day gifts, searching for a wonderful gift for your child is already the best idea that you have right now. Instead of deciding on common gift ideas, here goes a rundown of five varieties of gifts.
Safety Cutter: A handy tool that helps you in an easy way for cutting, paper rolling, plastic packaging, paper, opening clamshell, removing shrink- wrap, paper rolls and more. This is the most adaptable tool that suits you with comfort and is quick,easy and safe to use. This is non retractable cutter used with replaceable ceramic blades.

Lunch Pack: This lunch box helps in maintaining the habit of sanitizing hands even at school. This attractive Lunch Box Bag includes a Lunch box, Kids Hand Sanitizer & a Filter Water Bottle. This lunch box contains sanitizer, and is designed in the way that the child can not open it before removing the sanitizer and thus everyday before eating, child is reminded to clean his/her hands.


Rucksack: You need to make sure that adventure activities of your kids need comfort and ease. So rucksacks are a good option that make you jump, walk or climb easily with comfort. Your kid acts smartly when equipped with well advanced comfortable rucksack on an adventureous journey. This is a free size bag available with two side pockets to fit in your many essentials.


Mini Flashlight: This is a mini flashlight with high visibility of about half a mile. It is perfect for bicyclists and joggers or divers. This is submersible and keeping a track on the team mates. Gifting a flashlight to your kid definitely makes him happy and more adventureous.

slpn bag

Sleeping Bags: Kids would certainly prefer your gift idea of sleeping bags or tents. This would help in sleeping comfortably at nights. The bag is designed to be portable and easy to roll up around the backpack making it ideal for hiking and camping. Make your kids happy and joyful.

Pull up your socks and get a sneak peak for what your kids will be screaming for when they are in need of certain useful items. Take care of your children and celebrate in a mood that will be captured in your mind forever. Let us make them happy not only for a day but everyday as a child will always remain a child forever to the parents.

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