5 Promises That Every Brother Must Make This RakshaBandhan

Happy Rakshabandhan

A brother’s love for his sister and a sister’s care for her brother can be only felt by those who are the respective brothers and sisters. Though I do not have any real brother of mine, I have never felt the absence of brother in my life as my cousins and friends have always been there for me whenever I needed a ‘brother’ at my side.

There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother- Terri Guillemets.

Such a special bond is this! The love and care between a brother and a sister is well felt by the only child in a family who deeply misses a companion or a partner to be with and share happiness or sorrows. Nowadays, Rakshabandhan is not celebrated by brothers and sisters only, but it is widely celebrated and enjoyed between the only brothers and the only sisters as well.

Here are 5 promises that every brother must make for his sister this Rakshabandhan.

  1. A promise to be at her side always!


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A brother’s affection is shown only when he takes out a bit of his time to be with his sweet sister throughout her thick and thin!

  1. A promise to protect her!

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A loving brother must be always alert to protect his sister during any trouble that she undergoes. Protecting her from mishaps or solving her worries are his duties towards his sister.

  1. A promise to be a responsible man!


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Every sister’s dream is to see her brother grow as an independent and responsible person. So, every brother must promise to be active, social, independent and caring not only for himself or his sister but for his parents, wife, children or even for his friends as well.

  1. A promise to save her from a tangled web!

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It should be a brother’s promise to save his sister from any tangled web of her life. Every problem of his sister must be solved within a single grab of the situation by her brother.

  1. A promise to fight for his sister!


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A brother must fight for his sister against every odd or err. A brother must make a promise to fight for his sister during all hassles that create unnecessary worries in her life. At times, a brother must take his sister’s side if ever she is going to face any kind of trouble even before parents or in her school or college.

So, let’s celebrate this special bond and make these promises to be the perfect brother for a sister to be proud of.

Happy Rakshabandhan!!

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