5 Reasons Why Being Healthy Is More Important Than Being Slim

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In the pursuit of looking good, people try to adopt several measures to shed weight. However, it is important to do it in a healthier way as it can impact your health. Yes! Being slim does not mean being healthy, it only means appearing to be healthy. Let us have a look at a few reasons why being healthy is more important than looking skinny:-

Skinny does not mean Healthy

A person who has recovered from serious illness can appear thin but is definitely not healthy. Being thin does not necessarily mean that you cannot have health problems. Rather people who appear slim generally have health issues like anemia, menstrual problems, osteoporosis, low muscle mass, hair loss and compromised immune system.

As long as you have a good metabolism, your heart is functioning well and your cholesterol is under control, you are completely healthy but just do not appear slim. To devoid your body of its basic nutritional requirements just to look lean is not a good choice. In the longer run, a person can face health issues due to deficiency of required minerals and vitamins. Rather getting regular health checkups like blood test, cholesterol test, treadmill tests for heart etc. is done and focusing on overall fitness is imperative.

Being Healthy means better endurance and fitness

Slim people tend to eat whatever they want as they feel they have a good metabolic system and it will not impact their appearance and do not take healthier diets. This is not always true. These eating habits can have a negative impact on their overall health. As a result, they can also feel lethargic because of anemia or lack of nutrients.

Healthy people exercise regularly and are generally more active and fit. Those who follow an exercise regime have their bodies function more efficiently as exercise causes oxygen to reach their tissues. Thus, they have improved stamina, agility, flexibility and strength. This makes it easier for them to perform the routine tasks without feeling worn-out.

Healthier people have better mental health than just slim people

The sense of well being is always experienced by healthier people as physical fitness and mental health is connected. Physical activity stimulates chemicals in the brain that kick off the feeling of happiness, confidence and elevated mood. State of being healthy implies a balance between physical as well as mental fitness. Physical fitness reduces anxiety, anger and stress thus preventing a person from depression. After a session at the gym or a jog at the park, a person feels mentally relaxed immediately. Healthy people also have better social life and connections that also helps them rejuvenate and feel good. A good memory is also another advantage for healthy people.

A healthy person is more confident, enthusiastic and optimistic in comparison to a slim but unhealthy person who can be gloomy and depressed. They can adopt other unhealthy means to cope up with depression like smoking, drinking and rude and offensive behavior etc.

Being Healthy

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Healthy means better immunity

Overall health is obtained by regular exercise and a healthy diet. As healthy people eat a balanced diet, their immune systems are better. The risk of cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, lungs problems, hypertension, diabetes and depression is reduced. Exercise helps in preventing normal flu and cold by pushing out toxins and bacteria from the body. It also improves the flow of blood and oxygen in the body which improves circulation of anti-bodies and white blood cells thus aiding the immune system in fighting with bacteria and viruses.

Lean people consider exercise unimportant and rest comfortably. In addition, they can be under-nourished. As a result, they can catch infections easily. Slim people also have weak bones and thus have a high risk of fracture and osteoporosis.

Healthier people have a better routine

If your body type is lean genetically, you might not consider exercising essential. Healthy people tend to get up early to exercise. The exercise increases their heart rate and pushes in more oxygen into their system. In addition, they are more active and energized throughout the day as exercise and healthier eating habits boost up their energy levels. This is the reason why they can complete more tasks enthusiastically the entire day. These are the reasons why they sleep on time and also have a sound sleep. What’s more is, they can spend quality time with friends and family as well.

This implies it does not matter if you look thin or fat. A thin person can be unhealthy and an overweight person can be healthy. You must adopt healthier lifestyle habits and concentrate on improving your levels of physical fitness each passing day. Going on liquid and crash diets and starving yourself is incorrect. Reducing weight in a healthier manner and looking lean is always better.

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