5 Safety Essentials To Cover You For Everyday Life!

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While there is little you can do to stop unpleasant unpredictable moments from happening in your life, the most you can do is to tackle them wisely. While wit outshines every other thing, it can never hurt to welcome some useful equipment in your life which will help you build a safety shield. Here are some of them:

Smartphone cases

pelican case

Do you have butterfingers and your phone slips out of your hands automatically? Or maybe you travel in a public transport where the phone can magically hit the ground owing to the clumsy manner in which brake is applied? Get a case for your smartphone which is water proof and crush proof. Pelican phone cases come with a custom rubber line and also have an earphone socket to let you enjoy music even with a closed case. Secure your expensive phone by buying it at an affordable price using Safetykart coupons available on CashKaro.com. Also get the bonus of cash back!

Camera backpack

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What’s the one thing that no one leaves home without even while going away on a short trip? You guessed it right! Camera! Thanks to digital cameras, it’s easy to capture memories now. You like to carry them from college to office, restaurants to vacations, school to home terrace; you don’t like to leave even the slightest opportunity to make good pictures. As much as it’s fun to shoot, it’s also vital that you care for it. The camera backpacks provided by Pelican will help you carry your camera safely. The camera backpacks have a camera compartment, slot for batteries, front and back pockets and other advanced features. It’s entirely padded which is why you don’t have to worry anymore in case your camera collides with a rough surface. Carry it in a carefree manner!

Sports wallet case

pelican case

There are many people who travel quite a distance in their car to play their favourite sports at their favourite sports club. While it’s always great to escape life by indulging in such activities, you also have to admit that you can’t leave your wallet in your car and carrying it with yourself is always a risky bet. You may not even have access to lockers. In such situations, sports wallet case will come to your rescue. Be it playing cricket on a local ground or going for a trekking trip, have a secure wallet by your side to help you in sudden situations. Pelican sports wallet is water-resistant and crush-proof. You can store your cards, keys, and cash in it without the risk of damaging them. It’s light-weight too. Many online shopping sites stock it and to get it at a more economical rate, shop from CashKaro.com and delight in the joy of making double savings.

Hardback laptop computer case

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More and more people are now travelling to work in public transports to avoid heavy traffic jams. And with that, they are even carrying their costly laptops. If you have to think a hundred times before keeping it on floor to relax your hands, it’s time you invested in a high quality hardback laptop computer case from Pelican. Prevent your tablet or laptop from any accidental damage with this laptop case that is water-tight and dust proof.

Memory card case

pelican cover

Never lose your memory cards again or spoil them with a sturdy memory card case by your side! Pelican memory card case has a dust proof and crush proof body to protect your memory cards. It can store up to 6 memory cards and even comes with a water resistant seal.

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