5 Tips To Detox Your Liver!


Stressful life…Oily food… Alcohol to relax and an unhealthy lifestyle to wrap the day! Isn’t this the story of almost every person today? At the end of the day, we all end up risking the our health and particularly that of our Liver. No matter whether consume alcohol or not, but our lifestyle and oily food is enough to risk the normal functioning of our liver. Detoxifying your liver is the only solution to help you enhance your life, feel better and Live Longer. But, with our regular lifestyle and eating habits, it gets difficult to detox the liver, but not when you have the right tips.

How Do You Know your Liver is overburdened?

Check for any of these symptoms in you. If you suffer from them, then you surely need to detox your liver.

– Tiredness

– Weight Gain

– Odd digestion of food

– Headaches

– Skin discoloration

– Pain in your body’s right side

So, how do you detox your liver and enhance your health and life? Well, it’s simple… just follow the given tips. Here are 5 Tips to help you detox your liver. Follow them carefully and see the difference you feel.

  1. Say NO to Alcohol in any form

Enjoying a peg or two with friends after work is the best way to relax and get rid of all your stress.  But not for your liver. No matter what you read about wines and whiskies and beer, the basic fact is that alcohol in any form is bad for your liver. Alcohol is a harmful toxin for our body and once you consume it, our liver has to function double its capacity to get rid of the alcohol from the blood.  In this process of purification, the liver burns all the metabolic energy which leads to fatigue, sleepiness, weight gain and also sluggishness.

  1. Drink Lemon water

Rather than just drinking water, choose simple lemon water. While the water helps to flush the toxins from the liver, the lemon helps even the alkalinity of the water. The minerals from the water and the vitamin C from lemon enhances the detoxifying process of your liver and sweeps out all the bodily wastes. This way, your blood stays pure and at its optimal pH. You may also choose to drink herbal tea (caffeine free) if you like.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Eat organic farm fresh vegetables instead of pesticide based vegetables. Choose vegetables that are rich in magnesium, Vitamins A and C and Chlorophyll. Also include fresh fruits into your diet as this will help keep away cancer and detoxify your liver as well. These vegetables are rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants and minerals that help your liver to cope up with the detoxification process. For instance, here are a few veggies and fruits that you can consume. These include, Broccoli, kale, onions, garlic, brussels sprouts, apples,

  1. Consume Healthy Fat

Good fat and Bad Fat! When you consume good fat, it helps your body stay healthy and enhancing your life. However, when you choose oily food which is rich in bad fat, our liver gets burdened and has to function harder to get rid of the bad fat from our blood.

Eat Coconuts, walnuts, chia, flax, almonds olives, avacado, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, etc. to enhance your liver detoxification process. Avoid animal fat as they cause clogging.

  1. Health Supplements

Health supplements in today’s time are a must. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right health supplement. Make sure that the supplement is rich in Vitamin B and selenium which help in body metabolic processes.

During the detoxification process, make sure you follow the tips and do not smoke or stay awake late nights as they also contribute to your liver’s health.