5 Tips to Take Care of your Diabetes


Diabetes is one very common and widely feared disease in the world. It may not affect you if you keep a check on your food habits and health regimes, but it can surely trigger or complicate other simple health conditions, making them severe and fatal in certain conditions.

A person suffering from diabetes may appear absolutely normal to you, doing all his regular chores, eating his favorite food and enjoying life like all others. But, this is only when his blood sugar level is in the right levels. Once the sugar level is disturbed, the person may suffer from several kinds of health conditions such as eye problems, teeth problems, paralysis and at times even coma. Thus, it gets extremely important to keep your diabetes in control by following 5 basic principles. Once you take good care of your diabetes, you can automatically reduces your chances of heart diseases, strokes, eye diseases, kidney failure, nerve damage or gum/ teeth disorder.

Here are 5 principles that can help you keep your diabetes in control. Follow them closely and you will see yourself healthier and mightier than before.

  1. Learn all you can about Diabetes
    Knowledge about your health condition is a boon. Once you know about your disease, keeping it in control gets easier. This is one reason why you should read and gain as much knowledge possible about your condition, diabetes. Information about controlling diabetes automatically helps you reduce the risks of other health conditions such as heart conditions, strokes, etc. So, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, ask your doctor whether it is Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes.Type 1 Diabetes: People with this form of diabetes have to take Insulin injections everyday to keep their diabetes in control. It was earlier called juvenile diabetes.Type 2 diabetes: Daily exercising and dieting is the only way to control this form of diabetes. Some people also require taking the diabetes pills or insulin injections. Type 2 is very common and called as onset diabetes.
  2. Follow regular care check-ups
    Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, make sure you:

    • Visit your doctor regularly for check-ups
    • Check the reports to see if your treatment is working well or not.
    • Take help and support of your family and friends to fight diabetes.
  3. Know how to control your diabetes
    Ask your doctor on the various methods that can help you keep your diabetes in control. Get knowledge about what food to eat, how much physical exercising is needed to control your diabetes, etc. Once you know about these control levels, simply follow them carefully. This includes,

    • Taking the right medicines
    • Visiting your doctor for regular check-ups
    • Following exercise and diet regimes everyday
    • Visiting your dentist and eye specialist to learn about complications.
    • Getting your blood cholesterol and heart conditions check regularly.

    Make sure you don’t overdo them else you may also increase risk to your health with your diabetes.

  4. Regular consumption of medicines
    For diabetes, consuming your medicines in time and regularly is one of the most important ways to keep your diabetes level in control. However, it is also equally important that you consume diabetes supplements such as the Splenda Sugar Free sweeteners etc. and consume herbal medicines for controlling diabetes, such as the Mesha-shringi by Himalaya.
  5. Regularly monitor your diabetes
    In order to reduce risks related to your diabetes, make sure to monitor your blood glucose levels regularly. Use the Home Check Diabetes screening test kit to check your blood glucose level. This way, you can easily monitor your diabetes level and also know whether your treatment, diet and exercising regimes are going the right way or not. If you see a constant change in your blood sugar levels, make sure you check it with your doctor and get the right treatment. This will help you avoid extreme health conditions caused due to diabetes such as kidney failure, eye complications, oral conditions such as gum and teeth problems, etc.

With these principles, now take care of your health better and fight diabetes to enjoy a longer and happier life.

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