5 Ways To Reduce Headache During Pregnancy

headache during pregnancy

Pregnancy headaches have become a common phenomenon. They are frequent during 1st and 3rd trimesters. Headaches occur due to many reasons like hormonal changes, rigorous blood volume circulation, poor postures and wearing bras of inaccurate size. Other factors include dehydration, nutrition deficiency, stress and high blood pressure.

Often, aspirin and ibuprofen along with Advil and Motrin are not recommended to cure headaches. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is something which you can use for pregnancy headaches. However before grabbing the bottle of pills, browse through these easy and natural headache solutions mentioned below.

Drink Water

To stay hydrated is very important; crucial during pregnancy or nursing stages. Dehydration leads to exposure to headaches as well as swelling and constipation and fatigue. In many cases it also leads to miscarriages and preterm labor.

The American Pregnancy Association advises to drink 12 eight-ounce of glasses every day.

Hot and cold currents to relieve you from headache

Apply hot compressed cloth over your forehead; you can also apply the cold equivalent over your neck which will give instant relief.

Tip- Fill up a bag with some flax seeds or rice. Heat this bag in an oven or cool it in the freezer. The cold compress nudges the affected area and numbs it by restricting nerves from transporting discomfort signals towards the brain.

On the other side, the hot one relaxes your muscles. It’s a nice process of giving alternate hot and cold nudges every 20 minutes. Also put 2 drops peppermint oil over compressed area for extra relief. However, always ensure you consult a professional to know about using essential oils for pregnancy headaches.

stay relaxed

Prenatal Massage

Full body prenatal massages help you relax your muscles of the neck and back and shoulders. Prenatal massage treatments also help trigger labor by gentle nudges on the pressure points. In case your going to therapist is not possible, you can conduct some simple massages at home. For example, rub your shoulders, at your skull’s base and under your wrist. Don’t rub your acupressure point in between your thumb and index finger which can provoke uterine contractions.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is of course healthy but other than that it maintains a correct posture of the lady undergoing pregnancy. Improper postures are an invitation to headaches and back pain and neck pain coupled with restless nights. Prenatal yoga helps you learn breathing techniques as well as meditation which reduces intensity of headaches. Ensure to benefit from prenatal yoga programs and be careful about yoga positions as not all positions are safe.

Select an appropriate bra

Wearing accurately sized bras is crucial during pregnancy. The ligaments of your chest support your breasts. When the breasts grow larger and heavier during pregnancy those ligaments stretch in the absence of proper support leading to headaches and other body pains.

Your breasts should usually not grow after the 12th week, though some experience growth till 20 weeks. Hence, it’s safe purchasing maternity or nursing bras after 20 weeks to receive the best support.

Other tips to cure and prevent prenatal headaches

Rest yourself: You should lie down at ease in some dark room, eyes closed. Ensure you get enough sleep during night times which will prevent headaches.

Food: Ensure you eat healthy organic food throughout the day. Prenatal headaches occur suddenly when there is a fall in your blood sugar level. It is better to take in small meals during the day at regular intervals than 3 large meals.

A chiropractor helps in maintaining good posture and proper maintenance of abdominal pressure and tackles pelvic changes.

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