5 Ways To Thank Your Parents

Happy Parents Day

Every fourth week of July is celebrated as Parents’ Day!

They brought you up, love and care you with the best possible way and strive to give you the best thing that is available on this earth. Parents are special, they owe your love back. From parenting and nurturing  you, to send you to study away from home or waving you off at the airport, every tiny thing is filled with love, care and joy. They taught you to walk and the minutest things in life which made you what you are today.

Parents Day

Illustration by: Bhavya

This Parents’ Day we give you ways to celebrate and keep up the love in the strongest possible way they truly deserve. It feels pity on those kids who leave their parents at Old Age homes where they are left along with their contemporaries with no family attachment.

Let’s thank our parents in a way they will remember and love their feel of presence in our world.

Take them to the special restaurant in your city

Parents' Day

The best food spot in your city is not that far away. Take them to that restaurant and spend some quality time together.

Watch a Movie and cherish the belonging for each other

celebrating parents day

Watch a movie of their choice and feel the joy of being together.

Go on a shopping spree

parents day

Your mom has been your best shopping friend since your childhood days, so why not decide something for your dad by taking your mom’s idea!!

Take them to their most awaited destination

parents day

The only place they still wish to visit some day can be fulfilled by you. Carry your bagpack and move out!!

Visit them and bring a smile on their face

parents day

If you are staying away from your home, this is the best time to visit your parents and bring smiles on their faces.

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Feature Image By: Bhavya