50 Shades Of Safety

SAFETY is priority

Here are some of safety hacks you must follow to maintain safety in your daily life in the following life segments.

safety is priority

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  • Keep the floors clean, uncluttered and dry.
  • Store hazardous chemicals and other cleaning products locked away in specific cabinets.
  • Install properly functioning fire alarm.
  • Observe extreme care while working in the kitchen to prevent burns or even cause of fire.
  • Keep the house properly ventilated.
  • Switch of lights, fans etc. when not in use.
  • Take care to keep stairs non-slippery.
  • Have first aid kit at home.
  • Avoid contact of poisonous materials with utensils or other edible items.
  • In bathrooms have electrical fixtures away from the shower, bath tub or other watery areas.


office safety


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  • Avoid running on the office floors and watch out for defective or wet floor surfaces while walking.
  • File drawers and other shelves must be closed immediately after use.
  • Use a screen protector for your desktop computer or laptop to reduce eye strain.
  • Avoid using damaged or ungrounded power chords.
  • Do not block fire sprinklers.
  • Do not obstruct escape routes or fire doors.
  • Stay clutter free by ensuring storage of materials in designated places.
  • Watch where you walk to avoid collision at turns.
  • Always use the handrails while climbing stairs.
  • Sit upright in your chair and hold the chair while sitting down to avoid fall due to the chair rolling away.


child safety


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  • Make sure your children are aware of the emergency numbers to call for help in case of a crisis.
  • Teach your children the home address and phone number and ensure they remember it well.
  • Keep hazardous materials and sharp objects out of reach of children.
  • Use a gate to lock the staircase if you have toddlers at home to prevent them from falling.
  • Do not let children play in the road or other busy areas and teach them about the risks in it.
  • Advise your children never to trust strangers or accept gifts from anybody outside of your home.
  • Never leave children unattended in the bath room or bath tub.
  • Tell children how dangerous it is play with electrical equipments and switch boards.
  • Teach your children not to put anything in their mouth.


travel safety


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  • Never keep all your sources of money at the same place. Keep your cards and money scattered.
  • Don’t carry your wallet heavily loaded with money in the back pocket of your jeans.
  • Carry a scanned copy of all travel documents in your mail.
  • Always look back when you’re leaving a place to see if you have missed anything.
  • Do not trust strangers completely. Always be wary.
  • It is advisable to take travel insurance in case of unexpected injuries and illnesses.
  • Don’t carry too many valuables. In case of women restrict the amount of jewelry worn to avoid attention.
  • Don’t leave your things unsupervised in public places.
  • Be wary of providing information at browsing centers.
  • Be aware of the latest happenings in your destination.


kitchen safety


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  • Store knives and sharp objects in specified cabinets out of reach of children.
  • Do not cook wearing loose flammable clothes or open hair.
  • Always place the utensils properly on the stove.
  • Do not leave the kitchen unattended while cooking.
  • Have a fire extinguisher for the kitchen.
  • Keep the kitchen adequately ventilated.
  • Always wash hands before handling food stuff.
  • Keep the floor dry and wipe up any spills immediately.
  • Do not use damaged equipment.
  • Be sure to unplug appliances after use.

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