6 Safety Tips for an Accident-Free Bathroom


We spend a good amount of time in the washroom on a daily basis and it is imperative that it is a safe abode especially since children and elders use it too. There are a few critical things that have to be followed religiously to ensure that your bathroom is an accident-free zone.

Tips for a Safe Bathroom

Keep the floor dry:  It is absolutely necessary to keep the floor of your washroom dry. One can slip even on a few droplets of water.  Make sure that you keep a mop or a wiper handy. Any accumulation of water should be cleaned immediately

Install safety handles or gab bars: If you have seniors and little ones in the house then safety handlebars are a must. They can be installed near the toilet seat, bathing tub or shower panel. Safety handles only assist in getting up but they can also be held to prevent a fall in case one slips accidentally.

Keep electrical appliances away from any water source: It is better not to keep any electrical appliances like hair dryers, straighteners, and shavers in the washroom.However , if you have to keep them then always keep them away from a water source. It might be very dangerous to keep them near water.

Use anti-skid or non-slippery bath mats: Avoid using regular mats in the bathroom as you might end up slipping and getting hurt.Use good quality anti-skid mats that hold onto the floor and provide complete protection

Your bathroom should be well-lit: Bathroom should not be a dingy place with low-lighting as one might end up tripping or falling. If it there is little or natural light in the washroom then ensure there are adequate light fittings so that everything can be seen clearly

Keep medicines and cleaning agents away from reach: A very critical point that should not be ignored.Small children are curious and one must not keep anything within their reach that might harm them. If you have to medicines in the bathroom then keep them in a cabinet that is at a considerable height and can be locked. Also cleaning products like toilet cleaners and fresheners should be stored at safe places.

These are a few steps that we can take to ensure that or bathrooms are safe for use for all. Also, remember that for complete toilet hygiene and safety we must keep it clean and also use toilet seat sanitizers as and when required.

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