Tips For Avoiding Age Based Weight Gain


Weight gain is obvious as your age grows- this perception itself leads to weight gain. A person’s weight tends to increase as she grows- this is a common belief but have you thought why this happens? As a person grows, often he or she tends to become lethargic. So decreasing counts of exercise, more sedentary lifestyle, and white collared sitting work culture adds to the pounds. However, it is no mandate that this cannot be controlled.

Tips to control your weight as you grow and stay fit

Change your attitude towards weight gain

Wight gain is part and parcel of growing age. Our muscles wear out and cannot take up excessive strain (so workout and exercise is out of question) and therefore weight gain is inevitable. All such perceptions and attitudes are nothing but misnomers hindering a healthy lifestyle regardless of age. The fittest persons living on earth are in their mid-50’s-60 and they continue to be. Examples of fittest celebrities include Sylvester Stallone, Lou Ferrigno, and Chuck Norris and many more. “The wrong attitude leads to weight gain, not the age,” says Stallone. So don’t make weight gain an illogical philosophy by saying that, “With age, weight gain is inevitable.” With this attitude, you will be reluctant to take the essential steps to control weight.” So accumulating fat muscles around your tummy is not a necessity, and if it already is showing bad signs, it is never too late to compress the dough.

Strength training

Every week, you need to pump your muscles indulging in strength training. Strength training builds your muscles in the best way and keeps you in shape. The key is to enhance your metabolic rate. How to do that? Build up your muscle mass. Muscle cells disintegrate calorie levels at a nimble rate than fat cells. So when you build up your muscle mass, it will enhance your metabolic rate. And if the 80’s is troubling you, know that research proves that old people can easily control weight with proper resistance exercise. So if you are in your 80’s and want to trim down weight, embrace strength training and experience increase in muscle size and strength and a toned down tummy.

Don’t abandon cardio

Continue with cardio. This is the easiest way to keep weight gain under control. Cardio leads to pumping of heart. And when your heart pumps, calories burn at a faster rate. Hence, aim for a minimum half an hour of cardio every day or 4 days a week.

Also if you feel that your walking or jogging speed has decreased over time, the rate at which your calories burn will also decrease. You can offset this loss with lower intake of calories, or you can choose to exercise longer.

Caution- If you haven’t been exercising for long, don’t forget to consult your doctor so that you don’t end up inviting unnecessary cramps and body aches.

Say yes to low calorie

Avoid calorie excessive foods and instead consume food that is “nutrient dense.” Vegetables and wholesome fruits are must haves. They offer enough nutrition and are also low on calories. Apart from that, they fill your body with required fluids and fibers (that are nutrient rich) that boost metabolism, and therefore improves digestion.

Note it down

In the end, don’t forget to maintain a daily journal. This is essential to keep you motivated and you can keep a track of your progress which ultimately enhances your propensity to exercise more, drink more and lose more (by that we mean you lose weight)


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