12 Breathing Tips For People With COPD


COPD is the abbreviated form of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, an ailment characterized by symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath. People feel tired as their energy level and strengthgoes down. In America, around 12 million people have been found affected with this disease. In the beginning of the disease, people feel mild annoyance but it becomes worse with the time, and you get tired in doing simple tasks like getting dressed or preparing a meal. As bad as it may sound, but COPD is curable.With proper medication and some breathing exercises, patients can recover. Here are some tips that can help the people with COPD.

  1. Maintenance Medication

Medication for people with COPD is very important; people should consult with their doctor, if they have some kind of problem. There some maintenance medication which can takes one week or two to give relief in breathing. These medications are fluticasone and salmeterol. It is also recommended that patient must consult to the doctor if they did not any relief within 2 weeks.

  1. Be Active

It is also seen that people with the breathing problems leaves exercise as it becomes somewhat troublesome. Quitting exercise may make lungs dullerso people should keep exercising as it assists people in reducing breathing problem in the long run. So, people should stay active.

  1. Take Care of Your Weight

Due to being very sick, people with the COPD have to use much energy so that they could breath properly; consequently, they have to eat more, and they gain weight. It is very crucial for the people with weight issuesto reduce their weight for dealing with breathing problems.

  1. Stay Away From The Trigger Causing Breathing Problems

Pollution, cold and humid air, cleaning agents, and pet allergens are some common triggers which cause breathing problems. So, it is very useful you to stayaway from these causes. You should also careful for not getting sick from the flue, pneumonia, and cold water. It is also useful to run kitchen fan or open window while cooking.

  1. Beware of Pollutants

If people with COPD have also asthma and other lung problem, it is very important that they should be careful from fume, dust, strong perfume, construction sites, and secondhand smoke as they can cause sudden breathing problem. People should be away from bad years, as well as they also air filter in the house.

  1. Pursed Lip Breathing

To get relief from the problem of the shortness breathe, people can change the way of breathing. People should breathe as though they are taking breath using straw. It reduces the chances collapsing airways. People should also take breath in from nose for around 4 seconds and take it out from mouth for six to eight seconds.

  1. Stay Healthy Through Healthy Diet

For calming down the breathing problems, people should take healthy diet so that they could stay healthy. COPD has two different conditions: emphysema and chronic bronchitis; there both conditions need healthy diet because in first condition, people may get thin while in the other they may gain over weight, so people must take care of their health.

  1. Take Sound Sleep

It is also advised to thepeople with the COPD that they shouldhave soundsleep. People with disease could not sleep well due to sleep disorders like hypoventilation or sleep spnea. These are conditions which people have very slow and shallow sleep so they should use masks for getting relief.

  1. Leaning Forward

When people lean forward with the support of their waist, it make easy for diaphragm to move at ease, consequently lungs have more air. So, people can do this with the help of the chair and table to get relief.

  1. Stop Smoking

Smoking is one the common reasons that cause the COPD. So, it is very important for everyone suffering from the shortness of the breath that they should quit it as soon as possible. Quitting smoking will not undo the harm it has already done but it will give much relief to the patients of the COPD.

  1. Oxygen Therapy

It is very important for the people who are affecting with severe COPD. It has been found that people with severe COPD have Oxygen therapy, they live 2 times more than those who do not take. As it is inconvenient, so people avoid it, but they do not know it increase their life.

  1. Lung Transplant Surgery

Lung Transplant surgery is another way to get rid of this problem. It has been seen that people with very bad condition get it done, and they were release from the hospital within 3 days. They feel much better after operation. They also need not oxygen Therapy.

Environmental pollutant and smoking are considered the main cause of the COPD. Stop smoking and use these tips to gain quick relief from this ailment.


Feature Image Source: copdnewstoday.com