7 Brain Games To Say Goodbye To Stress

stress management

Stress, as in mental stress, is the state of mind in which the human brain is unable to function properly or effectively. Due to this, the person is not able to produce results up to the mark or as required. Not only does it affect the person’s work, but also affects a number of other things, including his professional and personal life.

So, keeping your stress to a minimum is definitely required, no matter at what stage are you in life. We tell you a couple of ways in which you can reduce the stress induced on your mind. No! We won’t tell you to go exercise or consult a therapist. All we want you to do is play some brain games! These games will make your mind relax and enjoy some stress-free time.



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The Lumosity brain games are known to people of all ages. Even the Harvard University recognizes this website as the best one for brain training. Lumosity games are logic based and are often put in a way that they trick your mind. Not only these playing games on this website help you improve your skills, but it also relieve your mind from any stress. Even though most games on this site are paid, but you can actually access a couple of games for free. Furthermore, if you can pay for the website, then do so and play it every once a while to relieve stress.



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This is yet another game that helps you ease your tension. This game is called Bookworm and is actually a word game. Quite similar to those games in which you would have to add an alphabet to make a word and so on, this game is just a bit modified version. Just putting letters to form different words also helps you improve your vocabulary and relieve stress at the same time.


 anti relief

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You can actually release your stress using MS Paint, or any other online Painting application. Even if it isn’t what you would call a perfect setup for painting, you could actually relieve stress anyways. No boundaries to art!

Virtual Bubble wrap

 stress relief

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Now who doesn’t like popping bubbles of a bubble wrap? I guess nobody, and we do not know who nobody is, period. So yea, check out this virtual bubble wrap app and pop your stress away!

Virtual Zen Garden

 anti relief

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Though I wouldn’t call raking the best way of relieving stress, Virtual Zen Garden surely does work. Use this online application to rake the stress out of your mind! Pretty easy to do, and you can actually check the instructions on how to do the same.

Build your own Virtual Kaleidoscope

 stress management

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Kaleidoscopes are proven to be one of the best stress relievers. You could actually just stare away and never feel bored. It kills a lot of stress. Check out this new application that helps you build a virtual kaleidoscope and stare inside it.

Stress Ball Game

stress management

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This game helps you relieve stress by doing nothing! Exactly! You read it right. You just have to watch a ball bounce all the way around the screen and that’s about it. Puts your mind at ease for sure!

Relieving stress is very important. So rather than just letting it all pile up, take some time out and relieve yourself of all that stress. Thank you for reading!





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