7 Tips To Train Your Child For His First School Interview


Preparing your child as a parent to reach out the world & express their individuality is a difficult task. The individual interview of your child is his first stepping stone for his life in school and thus, his future. One of the most essential duties of all parents is to make their best efforts to nurture their child by essential knowledge which will help them lead a successful life.

With the schools going through with their routine Admission interviews, it gets important for the parents to train their children to the best for the best results. After all, it’s schooling and the teaching that carves the beautiful future of your child. So, if you are preparing your child for his first ever school interview, here are some important points that you may consider for your child.

Let the Child Open Up

When it comes to preparing your child for the first school interview; your child needs training. It’s not a one day job neither it’s a child’s play.

Allow To Interact

Allow your child to do as per their wish. Let them move out and play. Let them interact with the strangers but make sure that they do not go wrong. This is how your child will learn to express and speak in front of strangers. Let them open up with guests, relatives and neighbor.

Encourage the Interest

Give the logical answers to your kids. Question their questions and make a point to answer all their queries with patience This is how they will learn the skill to answer questions asked to them. On the other hand, encourage them to always stay alert in the surroundings.

Teach Them Good Manners

It is very necessary as a parent to teach your child etiquettes. Allow them to welcome the guests. Ask them to say “Hello & Good bye”. Shake hands with neighbors and friends.

Inculcate A Sense Of Hygiene

Make sure that your child does not remain dirty. Teach them that personal hygiene is of prime importance. Make them aware to wash hands before eating. Clean nails and indicate to the elders if they wish to go to the washroom.

Teach Them The Moral Values

Ask them to keep the surroundings clean. Teach them to use dustbins to throw trash and not litter their surroundings. Explain the sense of loyalty to them. Tell them not to take things without asking.

Ensure The Essential Knowledge Is Clear

You have to make sure that they remember the basics like the name of their mom, dad and self. On the other hand, things like sense organs and other such basic stuff should be known by them. Do not confuse them by giving them wrong answers.

With the above piece of information, hopefully you may feel better thinking whether your child is learning the right things or not for the upcoming interviews. So, work out on these points and get your child trained perfectly for his new school and a better life.

Best Of Luck to all kids and their Proud Parents!!

Author- Amrita Pandya, Journalist at Women Planet

This post was previosuly published on womenpla.net

Feature Image Source: educationpost.com.hk

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