7 Personal Safety Gadgets You Must Buy this Holiday Season

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The season of festivities arrives and with it visits our homes a lot of excitement and happiness. The Christmas holidays are what everyone seems to be waiting for all the year round, although these days a little fear also pops up into our minds and that is of augmenting crime rate in our cities especially during the time of celebrations. A report from recent survey shows that it is the festival time that our routines get a little changed and the people who are busy in maintaining their businesses or those engaged in shopping become more vulnerable to crimes. A lot of theft as well as fire cases are registered every year during such times.

We are going to suggest you 7 top rated safety gadgets that will make your work of being attentive all the time, even while busy in reveling in the festival season, easier. Here we go,

Resqme DefendMe tool

This is undoubtedly the best safety tool for a woman or anyone travelling around some deserted area at any point of time. The tool comes with a screaming alarm sound and is safe to carry as well as use. This compact device can be attached to any bag and its loud voice that is audible upto the distance of 300ft makes it very effective to keep the attackers at bay. DefendMe, indeed a perfect life saver tool, is available at very reasonable price and can be ordered online from Safetykart.com.

Ninja Kubaton Self Defence Keychain Stick

 Yet another safety equipment, a martial arts tool, to protect women during difficult times, this cost-effective keychain stick is extremely easy to carry and use. It has been provided with a less life-threatening blunt tip that can give a painful jab to the person trying to grab at you. This small non-lethal wooden keychain, available to be purchased from online store, is a must have protective device for you during this holiday season.

Anti-Theft Charm Alarm

 This device consisting of a small jewelry piece and a smart card is an excellent tool to keep your belongings safe. This protective tool can be kept in your bag and if the bag goes away from you, a loud alarm is activated and the thief is scared.

Stop Strap Pepper Spray

 This is another safety gadget in 0.54 OZ size which assists you to be safe from being used against you. This product helps you in the way that in case, if the assaulter pulls it from your hands forcefully, the spray will detach from your wrist strap and cannot be used against you.

 Electronic Whistle Alarm

Yet another safety Product with an assurance of providing you full satisfaction, the Electronic Whistle Alarm assists you with a powerful and loud whistling sound. It is a beneficial safety gadget in case of sporting events and emergencies. So, just make a purchase of this amazing yet useful and inexpensive personal safety gadget without thinking more than once.

Keychain Personal Alarm with Light & Panic Button

During festival season, we are often so busy in shopping that we forget to keep ourselves save from the criminals and the thieves wandering around us in the market. Yet another sleek and inexpensive personal safety alarm which can be easily kept in the pocket, this alarm is fitted in a keychain and also comes with a strong flashlight and extremely easy to use.

Ultrasonic Dog Chaser 

Ultrasonic Dog Chaser is the last but not the least personal safety gadget which integrates an extremely commanding dog deterrent. It comes with an ultrasonic alarm (130DB) which coordinates with an alarming LED flashlight which will surely break and daunt dogs in its track.

To Conclude

It’s natural and a great thing to enjoy festival time to the fullest, but, it’s not wise to be careless while enjoying luscious moments with your friends and family. It may lead you to lose any of your expensive or the dearest belongings of yours. So, be prepared beforehand of the potential mishaps using above mentioned safety gadgets.

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