7 Reasons To Be A ‘Lone Wolf’ While Travelling

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There’s a reason why Clint Eastwood, the epitome of the brooding West American gunslinger cult is such a hit with movie aficionados. The intense gaze, the foreboding silence heralding his entry, the ‘I-will-damn- well-shoot-so-give-up-trying’ stance, hands clenching revolver grips, hammers cocked – everything combines to signal ‘alpha male’. Even though you may not fancy emulating a hard as nails gun toting cowboy, going solo has its advantages, the most important being safety, self dependence and maintenance of hygiene. We present you the seven cardinal reasons why you should travel alone, if you have not already.

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It is well, ‘safe’

That’s no rocket science. Children are told not to talk to strangers, adolescents are told not to buy addictive stuff from strangers, and adults are told not to talk to strangers offering get rich quick schemes. It takes a lifetime to get to know an individual, and at least some appearances are deceptive to even the most discerning eye. The most fail safe method to travelling safe is to rely most on yourself and travel alone. But NEVER do so without informing a family member or a relative or very dear one in the city you are travelling in, if possible. You probably would not like to repeat a James Franco ala 127 hours! Safety should always be your topmost priority. And ladies, if there is one thing that must be there in your bag other than the moolah, it has to be the pepper spray.

It is clean

The only person whose toilet habits you can be reasonably sure of, is your spouse’s. If you are not travelling with your spouse, any other person you may be travelling with may be harboring god knows which infection or a remnant thereof, which may no more be affecting them. The last you would want to wind up with during an enjoyable trip is a noxious flu or a debilitating fever. Travel alone, maximize your hygiene.

It is an immense confidence booster

Victory lies beyond fear, or so proclaims an ad for a carbonated drink. They have so hit the nail on the head! Beyond the knots in the stomach, and the bile rising up the throat is a feeling of immense satisfaction, to have travelled all by yourself. Design an itinerary, book your tickets, pack your bags and reach the station or airport alone. Get down at your destination, go to your hotel, unpack and venture out boldly into the destination city’s streets. Eat, shop, browse, trek, walk, climb, click, try to understand the local dialect and try to go to places off the chart. Do you think that after doing all this, you will feel anything other than a sense of achievement? Newton will fail sooner in a quiz on gravity!


Connect with your inner child

What do you usually do when you are alone in the house? Do a jig? Wander around in a cape and batman shorts? Shout out aloud your favorite dialogue from your favorite movie? What causes most of us to develop dissatisfaction with our lives is when we are not able to give time to ourselves. Imagine for a full week – reading your own preferred magazine, gazing out the window; eating what you like without interruption, going to places you like, wearing stuff what you like, engaging in things that befit your liking. The most important word here is ‘you’. When you travel alone, you get precious ‘you’ time, and loads of it!

Pots kept together are bound to clang

Human beings, by dint of their grouping instincts have a tendency to form clusters. But there is a serious side effect to living together. Every human mind is unique, and it has its own opinions, and worse, never fails to judge others’ opinions on the anvil of its own. What is pie for one is poison for the other. You would love to dine atop the Eiffel, while somebody else will come halfway around the world to sit in the very-same-old fast food restaurant that is also found in his backstreet. Aarrggh! Travel alone; don’t let others dictate where you should go!

Travelling unassisted enhances your multitasking skills

This comes as a corollary to point number 3. Just imagine, having to plan how to book tickets, finalizing which place to go, chalking up an itinerary and taking reviews from friends; all this has to sometimes be done in the space of day. Not only does this make you a good planner and multi tasker, but it also helps you became a wiser spender, as a trip is usually planned on a budget. A holiday planned alone is a straight ticket to becoming an improved version of yours truly.

You need stories to tell your kids, and their kids and so on

You will be a grandparent one day. Hopefully you will see a day when your grand kids come out of their virtual existence to seek worldly advice from you. You better not let them down then, as such a speech will echo down the ages and serve to bolster them for a future they will probably face without somebody to guide them. What better than anecdotes from a trip to an exotic destination and the inherent dangers involved therein?

Enjoy travel with safety..for sure!

Image Credits: pixabay.com & gratiosgraphy.com