8 Basic Hygiene Tips For People Who Practice Yoga


From amongst all the things that originated in our country, the two most popular worldwide are Kamasutra and Yoga. Surprisingly, there is one commonality between both – Spiritualism. Yoga (or ‘Yog’ as it originally pronounced in Sanskrit) is meditation of the most supreme being through exercise. This means that Yoga is the only complete exercise on the face of this earth. It works out both, our mind as well as body.

If you decide to join a Yoga class in the near future or have already begun going to one, SafetyKart bring to you a list of 8 basic hygiene tips for people who practice Yoga. These tips will make your Yoga experience better, and will also keep the surroundings favourable in order to help you practice it peacefully.

Here they are:

  1. Never be late for class: It is the first and the cardinal rule for people who wish to practice this form of exercise, because it is much more beyond just that. Yoga is more meditation and less exercise, and hence if one is not amply warmed up before the actual aasans take place in class, one will not be able to properly utilize Yoga. So, never be late for your class. And, as they say, well begun is half done.
  2. Wear appropriate clothes: Now there are two reasons to why this should be of primary importance –
    (i) To be comfortable. Since Yoga involves a lot of complicated exercises, it demands your body to challenge itself. And only after a couple of rudimentary Yoga classes, one would easily come to know that it is no less than an acrobat’s job. So, in order to be perfectly comfortable and ready for each exercise, wear clothes that are stretchable.
    (ii) To not have a wardrobe malfunction. The greatest risk of wearing tight clothes is that they can cease to support your self-respect at any time of the day. And it is even more significant during a Yoga exercise session where the clothes need to be as flexible as your body. Hence, to avoid an embarrassing moment of your track pants getting torn, wear clothes that fit you well and are stretchable.
  3. Mind personal hygiene: Since Yoga can be an excruciating exercise, one tends to sweat a lot during the class. And obviously if one does not maintain one’s personal hygiene sufficiently satisfactorily, one is certain to attract quite a few frowns from one’s fellow students. Hence, it is always better to use a good deodorant or perfume before coming to your Yoga class, because remember, you would be just as flustered if the person exercising next to you smelled bad.
  4. Remove shoes outside: Would you want to be in a room that smelled of rotten shoes, let alone actually practice Yoga inside it for two-three hours at a stretch? No, right? So, it is always advisable to remove your shoes outside the room or hall or wherever your Yoga session happens. Even if you are alone in the confines of your home while practicing it, still follow this step to keep you undistracted during your meditation.
  5. Turn off all electronics: Especially mobile phones, because that is the major undoing of the human race nowadays. Yoga, as we have said a thousand time earlier, is a kind of a meditation through which you seek your cosmic core. And if you are forever distracted by the electronics of the modern world, you would not be able to achieve what you had originally set to. Hence, it is always mandatory to turn off (or at least put on silent mode) all your basic electronic items before you begin your session uninterrupted. You will literally feel closer to yourself if you are not connected to the world and its desires.
  6. Never bring children to class: If you have ever been to a professional Yoga class, you would notice a prolonged eerie silence even if there are a thousand people inside. This is because people are metaphorically striving to ‘find’ themselves amidst the din. Now, if you are a mother or an only parent and your Yoga timings are not during your children’s school timings, there is a possibility that you are tempted to bring them along to the class. Do NOT do so. Children are a physical as well as a mental distraction. And if you are actually a member of a class with others as well, you are not only spoiling your own lesson but also others’, so avoid.
  7. Clean up after you are done: Yoga can be an enlightening affair alright, but it is no less messy either. Because you stretch and challenge your body to outstanding limits, you tend to sweat a lot. This soils the area around your designated Yoga mat. You must always, as a rule, wipe off all the sweat after you are done, with a hand towel or anything at your disposal. This is healthy for you as well as others, in the long run. It also prevents the room from stinking.
  8. Respect the teacher: In Indian culture, a teacher is equivalent to the absolute God. And if there is a certain teacher in your life who is actually trying to help you meet the God that resides within you, he is the most noble amongst all beings. Hence, it is a concrete truth that your Yoga teacher deserves much more obeisance than your other tutors in walks of life. Respecting your teacher in general also promotes a healthy level of comfort and trust which pushes him to help you in better ways than imaginable. If your teacher is on your side, there is no stopping you.

Feature Image Source: everydayfeminism.com