8 Sexual Wellness Tips For Couples


Sexual well being is one of the many secrets responsible for a happy relationship. Although, it is not important for a couple to be indulged in any physical relation in order to be happy. But, when you take this step, it gets important that you consider every minor and major health concern, related to your sexual parts. It will not only help you enjoy sex better, but also get intimate and fall in love with your partner, much more than you expected. However, you need to take small things into consideration for your sexual wellness, such as using condoms, hygiene, etc. So, here are 8 tips that ensure your sexual wellness.

Talk to your partner freely

Good communication is the basic step to any relationship. You don't go and kiss a girl, you like. You talk to them first and then make the next move. So, when you are in a relationship, always feel free to talk to your partner about anything you like. Talking will help you know your partner better, about what she or he likes.

Use Protection

Unwanted pregnancies and STI's are never a welcome surprise. You get stressed and fall sick due to them. Thus, it is best that you take precautions by suing condoms or birth control pills to avoid a pregnancy and an STI.

Avoid alcohol and smoking on everyday basis

Drinking and smoking may give you a desired kick and a better performance in bed, but in the long run it is not good for your health. It also affects your fertility levels and makes it less passionate than love making.

Enhance sexual vitality

Worried about your sexual health? Start taking body vital supplements that help enhance your health and sexual performance. These natural supplements are good for your health and enhance male fertility.

Never Fake – Be Real

When you are sexually intimate with your partner, never fake an orgasm or fake your mood. Having sex, is the highest level of intimacy two people can have. Faking your orgasm means faking your relation. So, if you are not feeling it right… make him do it rightly. But, be real.

Avoid Stress

Whether it is Work stress or stress due to health, never let it creep into your relation. Keep anxiety and stress away from your sexual being. Listen to music, dance, exercise, spa, etc. but never let it bother you much. There are a hundred different ways to get rid of your stress. Faster you get rid of it, better for your health and your sexual drive.

Feel passionate about it

When you are intimate with your partner, feel passionate about it. Love your partner and pamper him with everything you can. Make your intimate time a passionate moment for both of you. It includes everything, hugging, cuddling, kissing and caressing.

Enhance your performance in bed

Being in love is great. And making love with the person you love is equally magical. However, when it comes to women, they love having extended love making moments, particularly until the time they are satisfied from within. So, in order to boost your sexual performance, learn and follow every minor and major love making tricks you know to keep your partner from ejaculating earlier. Extend your sexual acts as much as possible and enjoy the intimacy with your partner, like there is no tomorrow.

This was first published in Oct 2015