8 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Time


Wasting time?? It’s quite a novelty for people to waste time, especially when none of us have any free time. But when you closely analyze your day’s activities, including work and relaxation, you only then realize how you actually waste some of your precious time, unknowingly. So, here are 8 points that will ensure you don’t waste your precious time. Follow them and reap the benefits!!

  1. Check your work schedule

Before you start your work, make it a habit of checking your work schedule. This will allow you to plan your work accordingly, saving more time in the process. Lack of planning can cause you to waste time on unnecessary work, which can wait for a few days, rather than work that needs to be done urgently.

  1. Prioritize

Now that you know your work schedule, prioritize your work based on their needs. This is important for especially those who have deadlines. Prioritizing your work also helps you to give your free time to other aspects which need your attention.

  1. Assign work

When you are piled with a lot of work, it is best to assign it to some of the most trusted people around you. Don’t hold back! Assign the work to your juniors or have an assistant to help you out with basics so that you can buy almost 15 additional hours in a day to do more interesting tasks. So, while your assistant helps you through the basics of a new project, you can meet new clients and get more business for your firm.

  1. Start early

Start work early. This will give you some alone time in the office to think about your day’s work, plan things, prioritize and avoid distractions. Make best use of the time and see how effective it is in helping you get your work done in the perfect time. Also, avoid gossips and other forms of interruptions that can eat up a lot of your time.

  1. Follow a Time Log

Whether you are the boss or a simple employee, it is best to follow a time log for your work. Divide your day into 30 minute logs and spend some of you free time in tracking how you utilized those minutes. Once reality hits, you will know exactly how to use your time and avoid unwanted distractions to save more time.

  1. Know your work interruptions

When you work, it is normal to have certain sorts of interruptions or distractions. But, if you know your distractions, only then you can fight them and focus on your work. There can be both good distractions and bad ones. Good ones include talking to new clients, following your old projects, etc. While bad distractions may include a basic gossip session, meeting that have no meaning, etc. So, now that you know the interruptions, you can then avoid the unwanted ones and direct your energy and time on the work that needs your attention. This will help you utilize your time and energy for better work, rather than have it wasted.

  1. Manage your workflow

Plan your work and manage it according to it. You will be surprised by the amount of time you save once you fall into a schedule and have all your work running in time. However, in order to save more time, you may make a few extra efforts such as increase the speed of your work, enhance your reading speed, etc. All you have to do is practice harder and you will save more time.

  1. White Space

Always have some white space in your work and in-between your appointments. Avoid clutter and embrace the small time you have between consecutive tasks. This will help you refine your output and avoid bumps in your work.

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