8 Tips For Home Safety

home safety

Home is where the heart is. Indeed. We call home a “home” because we are the most comfortable and safest there. It’s where we relax, play and spend time with family. Ideally, no mishaps should take place in our home, but then there is nothing ideal in this world. Mishaps are bound to happen if there are small children in the house, or electric appliances break down, or anything under the sun. In order to prevent all these things from happening and serious injuries to occur, we should always be proactive while even at our home.
SafetyKart gives you 8 tips for safety at home today, because prevention is always better than cure.

Store valuables in the children’s room

If you have allotted a separate room for your young ones in your home, we advise you to always keep your valuables in that room only because if a thief arrives, he is going to look for items to steal at all places, except for the children’s room. According to a recent research done, thieves tend to overlook children’s areas because they feel they are not going to find anything valuable there.

Keep car keys next to your bed before sleeping

Because, well, you never know when a tragedy may hit. Since we harp upon the fact that it is always better to prevent and prepare than to repent and repair, if a mishap occurs at your place in the night, you know where you have kept your car keys, they are easily accessible, and most importantly you do not waste time looking for them in case of a medical emergency.

Plant thorny bushes underneath you ground floor’s windows

Always do it, if it is possible at your place, that is. There is a fundamental reason behind it. The burglar at night would not even be able to peep inside your house let alone jump right through the window. Of course, if he steps on the thorny bushes, he would start screaming and you can immediately alert the police.

Ask your neighbours to check on the flyers stuck on your doors or windows, if you are going on a vacation

The police data recently received has a new insight on criminals – the shrewd criminals leave flyers at your doorstep or windows and observe how long it takes the owners to fetch them. Obviously, if they remain there for a long time, the criminals understand that the owners are on a vacation and they can do their own work easily. So, ask your neighbours to keep a regular check on the flyers if there are any, and fetch them on your behalf to keep the thieves away.

Load up your vacation car on the morning of leaving instead of on the night before

This serves as another indication to the burglars on the prowl of looking for families going on long summer or winter breaks. So, it is always recommended to load up your car quietly on the morning of leaving for the vacation only. The burglars will not get a direct hint this way.

Lower the volume of your residence telephone ringer

This way the passersby would not be able to hear a prolonged ringing tone signaling that no one is home, directly hinting that the family may be out on a vacation when it is the season.

Choose a trusted locksmith

This is one of the major reasons of home burglaries in our country. The thieves are in cahoots with the locksmiths, leading to breaking in to the houses easily. This is especially dangerous for young married couples living alone in urban societies. Nobody in the society even gets a whiff of what happened. So, it is always better to choose a locksmith which you have trusted for long or ask around for a trusted locksmith from your neighbours.

Always keep photocopies of your maids’ ID proofs.

Most burglaries take place with the help of maids or servants that work at our homes, or are in fact directly performed by them only. So it is absolutely essential that we maintain a record of the authentic IDs of the labour at our houses.

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