8 Tips For Safe Winter Road Trips!


When it comes to safe driving, it doesn’t quite matter whether it is winter, summer or rainy, you have to be cautious at all times. However, there are always a few extra precautions that one has to take with the changing weather.

Winter means foggy roads, frosting weather, chilly winds and slippery roads. Winters also means the season of holidays and crowded roads with people pouring out on the streets for their Christmas shopping. And, it certainly means long and small road trips to some of the beautiful holiday destinations or to a complete family gathering to celebrate the happy days. Hence, it gets a tad more important that we all follow certain tips while driving through the winter roads for small and long trips.

  1. Check and Service your car

Before the winter season begins, make sure you get your car serviced thoroughly. Get the fluids, wipers, lights and tires checked. Also make sure the battery is in the best condition. Install the winter tires in order to avoid skidding away on the slippery roads. A well services car will give you least problems, especially when you are out on a winter road trip.

  1. Follow the weather reports closely

Whenever you plan a trip with your friends and family, make sure you check the weather reports in advance. Leaving home without any idea about the weather can lead you to risks such as getting trapped on the roads due to the fog, winter rains or heavy snowfalls. So, check the weather before you plan your road trips.

  1. Respect the weather and avoid risks

Never forget the power of Mother Nature. You can never stand against it. so, when you are planning a trip in the winter season, make sure you respect the weather changes and if needed, cancel the trip for your best. Follow the local news, radio channels and any source of information that can keep you updated about the changing winter weather.

  1. Always keep an emergency kit in the car

Every time you plan a road trip, always remember of stocking an emergency kit in the car. The kit should basically include, a thermal blanket, footwear, extra clothes, extra windshield, shovel, fuel line anti-freeze, food packs, etc. These are basic necessities that you will need in case you get trapped on the road during the extreme weather.

  1. Keep more distance between you and the other vehicles

Drive cautiously during the winter season. Keep more distance than normal, between your car and the car ahead of you. Applying short brakes are a bit risky in winters, so it is best to keep a decent distance between the two.

  1. Drive slow and avoid cruise control

Drive slowly when on a road trip in the winter season. You may never know when you come across hurdles and may need to apply the short brakes. The fog makes driving worse on the slippery roads, especially as you can’t see who or what is ahead of you on the roads.

  1. Wear a Seat belt

As a safety precaution, always wear a seatbelt while you drive. It will protect you in case you meet with an accident. So, if you really love your life, remember to wear a seatbelt for sure.

  1. Keep a car mobile charger

Always keep your mobile phone charged, in case of emergency. And, remember to carry a car mobile charger that can keep your phone charged at all times, so that you can make an emergency call whenever you need to.