8 Tips to Shop Organic On A Budget!


Following an organic diet has become a necessity today! With farmers using high amount of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, the percentage of people suffering from severe health conditions has increased in the recent times. You will come across more number of people being diagnosed with cancer, poor immune system, digestive system diseases, etc. And so, it has become overly important that you follow a simple organic and healthy diet for a better and a longer life.

But can you consume organic food and also follow a budget? Generally, organic food products are priced higher than any regular product, which are produced using pesticides and harmful fertilizers. And so, for families which run in a fixed budget, purchasing and eating organic food becomes an expensive issue. Hence, in order to help you enjoy a healthy and pesticide free organic food, here are 8 simple tips that will aid you in shopping organic products and not break your budget.

  1. Change from Normal to Organic Gradually

When you shift from regular conventional food to organic, you don’t just throw things from your refrigerator and buy organic stuff over-night. Instead, use whatever you have in your refrigerator and start buying organic products, slowly one at time, based on your needs. This won’t strain your pockets.

  1. Not every food is harmful

Remember, not every food item that is not organic is harmful. For instance, seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs are usually grown conventionally, without use of any or much pesticides. All you have to do is learn about the produce and choose them carefully. Also, develop a habit of reading labels. Check their nutrition values, whether they are 100% organic or not, the ingredients, the preservatives used, etc. Knowledge about the harmful products, will help you to avoid certain products, while allow you to purchase the non-harmful conventional produces.

  1. Buy in Bulk and Freeze

When you buy organic food, buy in bulk and flash freeze them. This will help you save money and also let you enjoy your favourite products anytime you want. Flash freezing retains the nutrition value of the products and keeps them fresh as ever.

  1. Purchase from local markets

Avoid supermarkets and choose local markets to buy all your groceries. Products available in the supermarket are usually high priced than that of products in a local store. Moreover, the local markets have fresh produces from the farmers and are either organic or as good as organic.

  1. Don’t get carried away by Brands

Brand power is always something that attracts our attention. We choose products that are branded, only due to their promised quality. But, what we forget is that in order to produce high quality products, these brands also use high amount of pesticides that give you bigger, juicier and attractive looking fruits, vegetables and other products.

  1. Purchase seasonal Products

Always choose seasonal products rather than fruits and produces that are cultured and produced all year long. Seasonal produces taste different and have higher nutrition value than the ones that are cultured. Also, they are as good as organic.

  1. Cook What you have

When you follow an Organic diet, cook products that you already have, rather than buying new products based on your taste and needs. This will help you finish your purchases timely without wasting anything and also let you buy fresh organic products based on your needs.

  1. Grow your own garden

For basic food products, grow your own small garden in your home or apartment to enjoy healthy organic food. For instance, grow herbs and vegetables in small pots for your daily use.

These points will guide you towards a healthy life, an organic life!