8 Tips To Stay Safe When Working Alone

working alone

We live in the age of digital revolution where majority of the work happens online. There is hardly any room for papers and pens for documentation anymore. And hence in this age, there come a plethora of times where we need to complete our work and assignments alone, sitting at home, in a hotel room, or even at a godforsaken coffee shop till the wee hours of the morning. This makes it mandatory for us to be extra wary of our surroundings that we are mostly unfamiliar of. And with the typical hostility shown to women, this topic becomes even more pivotal for the fairer sex.

Today, SafetyKart tells you all workaholics how to stay safe while working alone. Here are some simple tips that will help you stay out of trouble:

  1. Plan Ahead
    ◗Enquiring about the risk assessment at your place is always a great idea. The safe zones in & around your office can come in handy at desperate times.
    ◗Be prepared with apt responses in order to shoo away trouble when it comes.
    ◗If you go to a new setting and you feel uneasy, let you coworkers or office know by calling them up as soon as you reach and when you leave.
    ◗Always choose a public place to meet up with new work contacts out of your office. Do not give away too much personal information.
    ◗Also, refuse them politely if they offer to walk you up to your car or escort you back home.
    ◗Always stand next to the buttons when in the elevator. If you feel uncomfortable with somebody inside the elevator, press the alarm button or the button for the next floor. Just don’t press the stop button.
    ◗Your instincts are your best friends. If somebody is bothering you in the office, talk this matter out with someone you trust before taking any drastic step.
  2. Be Aware
    ◗Be familiar with the people in the nearby offices and stores. Be aware of their schedules.
    ◗ Suspect anybody loitering around? Notify either the police or the staff in the stores nearby immediately. Take notice of the person and the car and describe them to the police if need be.
    ◗Look confident when dealing with strangers. Look at them directly, and do not let them intimidate you. Let them know that you are in charge. If you still feel uncomfortable, phone for help.
    ◗Lock the back doors and the secondary doors and switch on the lights before it gets dark.
  1. Working Late in Office
    ◗Let the security or a friend know of the tentative time of your leaving from the office.
    ◗Make sure that all the doors are locked and that the washrooms are empty. Do this when somebody else is present with you.
    ◗Call the police or security if you see a stranger lurking outside the office for long. If you go to the washroom and find a stranger lurking in there, do not scream for help. First, go to a safe place and then phone for help.
  1. Keep Personal Information Private
    ◗Do not share your address, your plans after work or even your impending vacation plans with somebody that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  1. Taking the Public Transport
    ◗When in the bus/train/metro, sit near others. Let the driver (in the bus) know if somebody bothers you.
  1. Driving
    ◗Never identify your car keys with something that gives out your persona information.

    ◗Maintain your car in good condition. Always keep sufficient fuel in the tank and make sure     the tires are always in decent condition.
◗Do not park in dimly-lit places. Always walk with a group of people after dark.
◗When you have parked in an underground parking area, always be close to the attendant     or an exit.
◗Always keep your car locked.
◗Make sure that there is nobody hiding in the car before entering it.
◗If your car is at a halt and somebody is approaching to talk to you, never open your        window for more than an inch. If you feel suspicious, drive away immediately. If somebody has been following your car, do not go home. Instead, drive to a shopping mart, a petrol pump or to a police station nearby. Stay put in your car and blow your horn continuously till somebody comes out for help.

  1. Walking
    ◗Wear runners or generally comfortable shoes which do not hamper your speed while running.
    ◗Only use a well-lit stairwell which has regular exits to safe public places.
    ◗ Stay on well-lit streets, in the center of the sidewalk, away from bushes, doorways and parked cars, anywhere an attacker could hide. Cross the road if necessary.
    ◗If somebody is following you, make sure that they know that you are aware of their presence. Keep walking till you find a police station, a shopping mart, a restaurant or any well-lit public place.
  2. Leave Clear Information at your Workplace
    ◗If you know that you will be working alone at an alien place, let the people at your office or at your home know about your future whereabouts and when you are expected to leave.
    ◗Know the whereabouts of a phone nearby.
    ◗Only share your coordinates with people you trust.

As the age-old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” we are certain that your life will be a lot simpler and safer if you inculcate the above-mentioned tips in your routine.

Feature Image Source: newscenter.nmsu.edu