9 Safety Tips To Prevent Industrial Injuries


A smart man once said that it is better to prevent and prepare than to repent and repair. We go by the absolute same theory if you ask us. And there are several reasons for this, nine of which you will get to read a bit below.
Industries are a tough place to work at. There is a lot of physical work involved, and sometimes in surroundings which are not the most safe for performing day to day activities. It holds true especially in India, where we hear news of mishaps in the factories every other day.

If you are a part of the industries in any way possible, SafetyKart brings to you 9 basic tips that can be incorporated to make lives inside the industries a lot easier. Here they are:

  1. Prevent slips, trips & falls: The first & foremost tip is a basic yet essential one. If charity starts from home, safety also begins from one’s within first. In order to end up at your house bed in a safe & comfortable manner, you need to be extremely wary of your actions at work. Workers need to be very cautious of their surroundings while at work and they should have an eye for ever-happening changes at the workplace also. This will prevent in tripping, slipping or falling at workplace drastically.
  2. Eliminate fire hazards: In the hard industries, fire is always a looming issue since there are a thousand inflammable substances kept everywhere. In order to be safe than sorry later, it is always important to take precautions. Fire, if it catches on, can engulf everything in sight especially if there are inflammable substances around. Hence it is extremely important that mandatory steps are taken in order to prevent fire hazards in the future.
  3. Keep the objects safely: There are a lot of objects which can be harmful in nature if kept out in the open without any safety wrapped around or if they are kept somewhere improperly. Hence, if the objects or instruments are sharp or poisonous in nature, they should just be kept somewhere isolated or somewhere out of reach of general coming-going of workers.
  4. Clear clutter: Clutter is the most common reason for accidents in the industries. And the fact of the matter is that it keeps on piling on wherever one works. If your industry involves hard labour and hazardous materials to be used, it is doubly important ot just clear the clutter before working on something completely new. Clearing the clutter also helps in working with a fresh mind which helps in personal productivity.
  5. Use safety equipment: This is a very important safety tip, and it just can not be stressed upon enough. You may assume yourself to be a Superman at whatever you do in the industries, but even Superman had a vulnerability in the form of Kryptonite. Hence he used to make sure that none of his enemies had that substance to blackmail him. Safety equipment should be used at all times in order to be safe.
  6. Create written rules: There should be signboard around the factory and over the walls inside & outside telling people of the do’s and dont’s of that particular place where they are working or just standing for a breath. There are also certain ‘high risk’ areas in each factory where not everyone is allowed to enter. At such a place, there are usually a lot of signboards asking people to be wary of a thousand different things. Such signboards should be prevalent everywhere in order to prevent any sort of mishaps whatsoever.
  7. Think long-term: It is always a better idea to think long-term instead of shot-term because in the long run only the former comes out to be safe & successful. And short-term always comes out to be a bad choice because it can be physically as well as mentally taxing for the people concerned. If you think short-term, you are most likely to be using safety equipment which are of low quality. That will have adverse effects on the workers. Hence, if you are thinking about the safety of the factory in general, always think long-term and buy good quality stuff.
  8. Ensure correct labeling: Correct labeling is unavoidable. It is a basic hygiene to put sugar in the box labeled ‘sugar’ in one’s kitchen This should be taken care of even at the workplace. It can be very harmful if one outs a hot iron rod at a place which was labeled as simply nails, let’s suppose. Hence, checking of the same should be done periodically in order to be extra sure.
  9. Maintain good housekeeping: Good housekeeping is always important to get the safety message across as well as maintain good quality safety all around. If your workers are diligent in their jobs, they must be given good surroundings and good air to breathe in wherever they work. For that, housekeeping is an absolute must.

Feature Image Source: paulkramerlaw.com

This blog was first published on 3rd Feb2016