A Healthy Mother, A Healthy Fate!


Being quaint and benevolent illustrates the conscience of mankind but above all the inception derives from the verge of human science the word “Mother”. The warmth of gripping her baby for the first time is quenching and the period of carrying the sapling in her womb and feel it grow from fetus to a child is inexpressible. The changes in the appearance, the baby bump, the freedom of eating anything and to get extra care for being a mother is like getting pampered just like one has always desired. But between being the time period of pregnancy and child delivery, a woman faces complete alterations for that cite a reinvigorated care and attention to keep the child and mother healthy in every manner.

During pregnancy, mother and child, both needs special attention and a woman should be given proper pregnancy care, which is a must to get a healthy baby. The hormonal changes may herald difference in their body internally that cannot be witnessed but has to be diagnosed with certainty.

The very first symptom which a woman witness during pregnancy is the morning sick feeling, which is a standard symptom. At this stage, the woman feels weak and she needs special attention and medical care which could be used, after consulting a doctor. At this stage, she should have all the eminent care products which could entitle her living in comfort during the pregnancy period. The products should care the mother and child both, so that during the child delivery she may not have any kind of trouble for mishap to occur.

Besides this, there are variable eye-popping feelings while being pregnant:

  • Bloating breast,
  • Weight gaining,
  • Often food craving,
  • Mood swinging
  • Irritable reactions,
  • lower back paining,
  • Sore feet and many more.

The changes should be scrutinized and regulated for the well-ship of the ‘preggy’. And the people around her have to understand the feelings and her emotions, so that she could feel a comfort level between her loved ones.

Things again changes as the baby arrives in the family. There is more responsibility and more of the care for the little one is delivered, along with the new mother. Baby care is more onto everyone’s mind, but the mother who gave a birth to it also need some attention, as she has been witnessing a different body symptoms during her pregnancy and after delivery, there is entirely different life for her with her body, hormones.

For a women, a child birth amalgam a lot of pain, stress and drowsiness. Mothercare is the most significant thing to be done because she has to take care of her baby and herself too. There are times when women don’t care for themselves, and give all the care and affection to the baby and the family. It is the responsibility of the family to let the women feel relaxed and rest, because she has to get through with the change which has been taking place in her body due to hormones.

Being Mother is Joyous But Being of its Kind is Resurrect!

This article was previosuly published on 4th February 2015.

(Image Courtesy: Google Images)