A Keychain That Could Save Your Life


You can never be prepared for an unexpected accident or being trapped in your car with no rescue in sight. Every year there are thousands of deaths that are caused due road accidents, some of which happen when people are trapped in the vehicle and unable to escape. Entrapment in a vehicle can be life threatening to motorists. What if we told you there was a small tool you could clip to your key chain to avoid fatalities that can be caused due to vehicular entrapment?

Yes, this key chain could save your life.

What is resqme®?

resqme® is a unique tool that has been created to provide safety to drivers from being trapped in their car in case of any emergencies. It comes with a spring loaded stainless steel spike that allows the vehicle occupant to easily break side windows. The carefully concealed stainless steel razor blade can slice through a jammed seatbelt that is refusing to unbuckle due to a malfunction or an impact to prevent vehicular entrapment. This small lifesaving tool can be clipped to your key chain and be stored in any place convenient to the driver.

How does this work?

This small, lifesaving tool can be stored in any number of places convenient to the driver, hang it near the rear view mirror, clip it to your keychain or stash it in the glove compartment.

If you are trapped in the vehicle, pull the clip away from the product to reveal the cutter and hook it over the jammed or malfunctioning seat belt to cut and free yourself. Push the black head to activate the window breaker. The concealed spring-loaded spike releases to shatter the window and allow you to escape. Shattering the side window with the spike takes as little as 12 lb of pressure, making it convenient to use. The blade and the spike can be used multiple times.

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 Feature Image Source- oneboardmommy.com