A woman whom I consider to be my role model-By: Vijeta Anand


It is often said that it is very important to have a role model in order to achieve success in life. A role model is a person whom we wish to emulate by taking inspiration from their struggles, hard work, behavior etc. As a small child when someone asked about my role model, the people those who came in mind were famous sportspersons, film stars, celebrities, etc. but I often was confused between them and couldn’t have one proper answer all the time. But now as I have supposedly grown up, and I am in my teens I have found a role model in a very unlikely person, that is- My Mother. People search for qualities that they could emulate in the role model they choose, and as I have observed over the years my mother has a number of those qualities.

Firstly, my mother is the most beautiful person (as everyone’s mother is!) in the world. She is about 40 years old and is a primary teacher in a government school. And of course she is a housewife as well. Over the years I have seen my mother struggle it out in tough situations, taking care of us with utmost love and compassion, teach and inspire kids in the classes she teaches. I lost my father at a very young age and so obviously it was tough on my mother who not only had to look after herself but also had to take care of her two kids. She struggled through the tough phase with utmost courage and determination and tried her level best to give us a better life. And even before that, my mother had struggled a lot, she had been orphaned at the age of 16 and being the elder sister of three brothers she had to take care of them besides carrying herself. She lived in her grandfather’s house (my maternal great grandfather) and not only took care of her brothers but also finished her studies till bachelors before marriage.

Coming back to the present, one could never find a person more patient and lively than my mother. Rarely have I seen her angry with someone or scolding or shouting at us or even the kids at school. She has always been like friends with us and even when I sometimes talk to kids at her school she is their favorite, they all come and gather at my home on Teacher’s day or the Children’s day and they celebrate it with joy. The way she interacts with the kids, I see her and wish even we could have so friendly and interactive teachers at our school! Even as a housewife I see her work hard day in and day out without ever failing. In the morning the breakfast is always ready on the table before we reach the table, see ensures that our lunchboxes are packed even when she herself is getting late, she is the last one to sleep and the earliest to wake up in the house. She rarely misses her school classes and even when she is not well she takes medicines and carries on her job without any rest.

The sacrifices that she has made for us and others without complaining or caring about her health and her working like a human machine every day is just immense and magical. She has virtually attached her happiness and sadness with that of others. When she feels cold we are made to wear sweaters- this is how caring and loving my mother and possibly every mother in the world is! As conclusion I will say that-Everyone loves one’s mother but do we realize how inspirational they are? I think my mother is a perfect role model for me because of her love, sacrifice, her hard work, courage and determination to fight out the odds, her lively nature, punctuality, helping others and many other such qualities. These qualities can not only help one to be good human being and a good citizen of the country but also to achieve success in life in whatever field one aspires to go to. And as Jodi Picoult said-“My mother… she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.”

Author: Vijeta Anand