A woman whom I consider to be my role model and why? By: Kanika Choudhary


My name is Kanika Chowdhary and I am twelve years old feels very proud to announce my mother as my role model for yesterday , today and tomorrow. She is just like a playful kid full of dreams and desires. She is a twenty four hour service women who continues to struggle with home, work and myself. She has taught me how to be energetic and positive in life. She has taught me how to work in time and balance it. She knows everything and solves all my problems.

She cries like a baby when she is unable to finish her tasks or when we don’t help her in organizing our home. She wants everything to be kept in place .She is a woman of short temper, stubborn and emotional. She looks for happiness and life in every inanimate objects and small things. I may not consider her real worth now but when I see the world around me, I feel I am born lucky to have her as my mother inspite she has neglected me at times. I want to give her all warmth , love and support she needs.  She is like an angel to me who keeps giving me surprises.

She encourages me to participate in all activities whether indoor or outdoor as she believes to be knowledgeable in all trades. She takes interest in my school projects which in turn enhances my creativity. She is very hardworking, sincere and honest and I have often seen people giving compliments and appreciation for her work. She likes to read,write,paint,act,sing but cannot dance. She is very kind towards needy and practical with money .She preaches good values in me with the hope that some day I might relies the true meaning of it.Her dedication towards her work and family is remarkable but everyone is not perfect in life. We must not be so demanding of someone that it becomes difficult to stand upto our expectation.She is my celebrity and my role model who is trying to shape me up so that I can  face the society with dignity and pride. I wish to take values of punctuality,responsibility ,consistency and positivity from her which will help me in the long run.Now ,she is thirty seven years of age and still I see her working round the clock with ease and energy. She wants me to lead a healthy life and keep my surroundings clean so that I stay fit and fine. She is a leo and a born leader who is ready to fight all odds that block her in achieving happiness. She loves to watch horror movies with the belief that it helps to wipe your fears and make you strong. She deserves to be respected in society as she is my powerful role model , my inspiration and my most loving ambitious mother.

– Author: Kanika Choudhary