A woman whom I consider to be my role model-By: Akshay Chandru


A role model is one who’s not only has achieved something, but someone whom by which we are inspired. My role model is one who is attending the members of the family endlessly, the ever caring and loving, one who sacrifices herself to the family, none other than my mother! You may think, why I chose my mother as my role model, because she’s more than a role model to me.

My mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis from the age of 25.She has her post graduate with her, and she still doesn’t give up her hope. She still continues working online and completing her career, I’m very much inspired by her. She doesn’t give up her aim, and tries to fulfill it in every possible way. She doesn’t give up easily. She is my loving mother and she is my role model forever. She makes me forget my worries and makes me determined and focused on my goal.

I might sometimes get depressed down due to obstacles in my studies, But she motivates me to fight hard until the very end. My mother didn’t compare me with others nor compel me do what others do. She knows me, who I am and what I am, she shows me the right way to success. The attention she gives me makes me adamant in my goal and I’m sure I will succeed in that. She is always right and doesn’t make me do things wrong and she believes in me that I’ll not do thing wrong. She never gets depressed by her illness, she’s always fun-filled and enthusiastic. I might wonder sometimes, how she could bear all such pain and be cheerful. I asked her once and she said that it is me who makes her forget her illness. I always feel free expressing my problems to her and she never hesitates helping me out. I feel very proud to have such a great mother, well a role model. She strongly believes in me and she bears all the pain of myself.

My mother is my first and foremost teacher for me. She moulds me into a good citizen and she guides me all the way through darkness, and shows the path of light, my ambition. My ambition is to become a software developer, and I am very much inspired by my mother. Her strong determination and faith in herself makes me feel what I am capable of. I’m very much sure that I will succeed in my aim. I thank God everyday for giving me a mother like her. I’m confident that I will come up like her, Courageous, Determined, Diligent and  Responsible. I remember, my teachers used to say in my primary classes, “There is no other god like mother”. I realize it now and I feel proud of my mother.

I feel that a role model is not someone who is famous, but who makes you inspire. I’m very much thankful to my mom and I’m sure that I will make her proud of me.  Happy Women’s Day!

Author: Akshay Chandru