Accept The Truth: Women = Men


Society is quite an interesting thing to deal with. It is not just a collective noun, rather, it is a very complex phenomenon that we have to live everyday and of course be a part of it. What does this society comprise of? People, would be the correct answer but an appropriate one would be Men and Women of all ages. They live and develop with time to become perfect beings, play their roles and lead a peaceful life. However it is not as simple as it sounds and the evidence could be seen in the newspapers every day. Murder, rape, dowry, sexual harassment, witchcraft, illiteracy, trafficking and so on disturbs the tranquility of our lives and corrodes the society and every one of the mentioned event revolves primarily around women.

Why is it so? Is it because they are physically weaker than the men? Is it because they still do not have equal rights as per men? The answer to all the above questions is Yes… A lot of problems associate themselves with a woman’s survival. The past would reveal plenty of such examples where women were treated as commodities, birth machines or simply a thing of pleasure. It was an existence not as a human but as livestock and we have come a long way from that horrendous outlook.

Our present age is technologically, economically and educationally much more advanced and evolved. We have learnt to take things in a broader sense; shed off our useless prejudices and embrace what is just. But even with all these efforts, we have not been able to discard the ill treatment of women. Still today, a walk at 11 pm on any road is dangerous for a girl. The term eve-teasing has been invented as she has to face lewd comments from some street urchins devoid of what she wears, how she behaves. Women these days work in every sector and in almost all of them she is harassed sexually by her co- workers or perhaps by her superiors. Villages still attribute witch craft with women, who are helpless because they are widows or have met some unfortunate event. A girl equally able with her male counterpart is still expected to give dowry at her marriage, refusal of which nulls her entire career, her education, social status and everything she has earned up till now.

So where exactly does the problem lie? Where do we need to improve? It is our thoughts that are needed to be wholesome. It is our actions that should enable a woman’s progress. The most primary thing that’s needed is Education. Educating a woman solves most of the problem. Reading, Writing, Learning and Understanding opens our mind, let us take correct decisions regarding our life and most importantly protect ourselves and our family. You no longer have to depend on what has been given to you, you can earn for yourself and it is truly exhilarating to support oneself and be the rock of the family.

But of course, that is not the only thing that is required today to live soundly; we also have to worry over our security and safety while we are out on the roads. Where literacy enlightens our mind, physical education enhances our confidence. Learn self-defense methods and you no longer have to look down as you walk past the people who are teasing you on the roads. Arm yourself with a pepper spray and learn to protect yourself. Stand up against sexual harassment in your workplace and help your fellow mates muster courage to ward off this unruly behavior.

A number of efforts have been taken by our Government to encourage the literacy of women, give them equal opportunities as men and help them attain liberty. Liberty from the age old concepts of inferiority, liberty to shape their lives as they wish, liberty to take the responsibility of a family in every way. Not just literacy, women have been protected by the Government by the two acts named Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and the Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, 2006. These have been enacted to emancipate a woman from domestic abuse and violence. Today women have an equal footing with men in every field be it manufacturing, service, teaching etc. We have learnt to think a girl child as precious as a boy child and education of both is necessary to maintain a healthy society. Yes there are still cases of infanticide and foeticide but things will only change if we walk the extra mile and not treat the female class of our society as things. Our daughters, wives and mothers are in no way inferior to our sons, husbands and fathers.

So educate your daughter, your wife, your mother and let them stand for themselves. Let them be not the climbers of a family, but the banyan tree and support you in every way and another important thing we all miss is that to educate a man to learn to respect a woman. Change the concept of domination and embrace equality. Why should there be a cause of comparison? Why should we treat a man and a woman differently? Both of them are needed for a civilization to flourish. Both of them are needed in a society so why discriminate? Let’s empower women and be empowered in return with a safe, sound and happy life.

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