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Diabetes is a group of diseases which occur due to chemical processes that happens within a living organism, in which the person has to suffer from high blood glucose commonly known as blood sugar. This happens due to inadequate insulin production or because of the non-responsive insulin in the body’s cells or due to both. Patients with high blood sugar will typically experience frequent urination, increasingly thirsty, hungry, weight gain, weight loss, fatigue, cuts and discoloration that do not heal, male sexual defection, insensitiveness and shiver in hands and feet.
Many of us must have witnessed this disease in some or the other family member. There is a proper precaution to be taken and to lead a healthy life, despite of being suffering from this disease. You must have seen those who are infected with Diabetic problem are not allowed to take sugar. If they will take it, they might suffer some sever trouble which might even take their lives.

There are two kind of diabetes:

Diabetes 1: When the body does not produce insulin.
Diabetes 2: When the body does not produce enough insulin for proper function. Estimated 90% of cases worldwide are of this type.

It is further claimed that approximately 90 per cent of the diabetic cases are when the body do not produces enough insulin and there are 10 per cent cases when the body does not produce insulin at all.

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Smoking further increase the risk of diabetic complications which includes:

• Blood flow reduction in legs and feet, which can further cause various infections, ulcers and there are chances for surgery to remove the non-working body part
• Can cause a heart disease and even heart stroke
• Eye disease, which could lead to eyesight loss
• Nerve damage and Kidney disease

To redress this problem, there are several medicines which should be taken by a diabetic patient. Doctors suggest a patient to take proper care for their health by eating sugarfree food. Under this diet, the patient is not allowed to take any kind of added sweetener in their food items except the substitutes. They are suggested to have a restricted diet and given specific medicines to manage their rate of insulin present in one’s body. There are various sweeteners in the market in the form of sugarfree  tablets and liquid, which helps the patient to have a desirable sweetness without any harm to their health.
There are certain ways to keep yourself away from being a victim for this disease- one should eat healthy and actively perform physical activities and exercise should be added as a part of their daily routine and most of all is- to maintain their body weight. High blood pressure and cholesterol can damage your blood vessels alike diabetes, so keep them checked in a regular interval of time by the doctor.

These days a person should always schedule atleast  three diabetes check-up in a year, in addition to your yearly physical and routine eye exams.
High diabetes or blood sugar can also weaken the immune system and to escape, one should make routine vaccines. One should consult a doctor and get vaccinated for Flu, Pneumonia, Hepatitis B and others according to the person’s body.

Remember, there is only one life and that is the most precious gem for a human, so let’s live it healthy, wealthy and wisely.