Adventure Series Part 3


The Markha Valley is named after a tributary of the River Zanskar.

Zanskar River

It flows between the Stok and Zanskar mountain ranges. Even though it’s remote, it continues to be one of the most popular trekking routes in Ladakh even in the face of the great difficulty and risks that this trek promises. This trek is therefore, not meant for those who are looking to have a sweet time in the hills, with all the luxuries of urban existence hours away. This is for those who take trekking seriously.


This trek is a beautiful pursuit of the stark beauty that Ladakh offers and the views; they compensate for all the hardships that one bears while camping along this high altitude cold desert.

markha valley

This trail passes through Hemis National Park. Rivers and streams make half the path of this trail.

Markha Valley Trekking

The numerous hard hours that you’ll have to spend across this cold desert to reach your destination is something that people vouch as being the most memorable experience. Those who watch National Geographic for their dinner time television will spot the rare and endangered species that populate this place.

This trail is interspersed with numerous small ‘Ladakhi’ villages which often tempt trekkers for that quick cup of Himalayan tea. The serene visuals, the quietness and the vastness of this cold desert is the perfect haven for those who wish to seek solace in a brief moment of solitude and oneness.


People who’ve made it till the highest point of the trek, which is at a height of about 5200 meters claim to have seen visuals which can only be described as incredible. After all, it isn’t every day that you get to see Karakoram and Himalayas.

Markha Valley View'

And as if the perfect ending to your trek, Hemis monastery which is at the end of your trek, it almost translates the entire journey into it being a spiritual journey, as you regale in the glory of having undertaken and successfully completing the journey.

Leh Monastery

For some further detailed reading and understanding how to reach there, see this link.

This trek is a fairly serious trek as compared to this post where we put spotlights on Chandrashila which as compared, is an easier trek. We talked about the options available for you to camp and set up your tent.

However, with that, it is imperative to carry a tent repair kit. Even though the materials used for making tents are extremely durable, it is always a good idea to prepare for worst case scenario.

In the event that your tent bears a scratch or a cut, a tent repair kit  will come in extremely handy and will save you the trouble of buying a new one, and more importantly, will keep you warm and dry during your hiking trip.

And since we are talking on the note of preparing for the worst, it is also always a good idea to carry an emergency tent. Coghlan Tube Tent is exactly that. Made of fire retardant and extra durable materials, this tent is ideal for two.

However, with that, don’t forget to get some tent hooks along with you on your trip. They are as necessary as the tent themselves!

Now that we have settled upon a place to sleep in, it’s time we shift our attention to ‘how’ do we sleep in a tent.

Take a look at this Coghlan all-purpose thermal blanket . It serves more purpose than just one. Not only does it play the role of keeping you warm, but it also doubles up as a soft warm mattress for you to rest your exhausted body in. Just roll up and cocoon inside it and the blanket will fit you like a glove.

And for those who like to wear additional warmers in extreme cold temperatures, Coghlan’s taken care of that too. If you keep your hands and feet warm, you feel warm. No matter how illogical that sounds, but it’s true. And so, we have the Coghlan Disposable Foot Warmer and the Coghlan Disposable Hand Warmer.

And for extra safety measures, don’t forget to carry with you a pair of emergency blankets . These can also double up as your go-to blanket when you’re out in the open warming yourself to a bonfire.

Co-Authored By: Mr. Akshat Anand

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