Affordable & Handy Safety Equipment Available Online


resqme car safety toolWe can always take up a few precautions and safety measures which provide some level of protection and reduce the chances of occurrences of tragic events, accidents and tragedies. Be it at home or out, it is essential to keep safety equipment handy and try to minimize the intensity of the grave situation.

Travelling always in cars, trains or any other vehicles then you do face the risk of getting entrapped in them.  Arm yourself with ResQMe, a mini sized rescue tool does come handy at this juncture. This tool is loaded with a stainless steel spike which can be used to break the side windows and get free. ResQme also contains a concealed stainless steel razor blade which can be used to slice through a jammed seat belt. Safely designed and easy to use, ResQMe can be attached with a detachable clip on to your keychain and can be used multiple times.

ResQMe carries the CE Mark and the German Tüv certification too making it trusted and used by police, public safety organizations, firemen and even paramedics. Make sure you store one in your vehicle and carry one on yourself all the time to be well prepared to handle such emergencies.

Pepper Spray

With increasing concerns over safety of women traveling alone especially during late evenings, it would be best to train them in martial arts or else arming them with pepper spray could be a good option.

Ideally used for self defense, pepper spray contains extracts of oleo resin capsaicin in an aerosol can. Non lethal and non toxic, peppery spray is thus preferred as an ideal safety measure. Once sprayed on the attacker, it disables the attacker for nearly 30 to 45 minutes.  Available in various sizes and under various brand names, you can definitely go for the one which suits your requirement the most.

Multipurpose Personal Latch

Have a young baby or toddler at home? Much as it is a pleasure to see him/her walk around but keeping them away from reaching out to various home appliances and furniture must be a tough job. You need to be extra careful with electrical home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and dryers and TV units while drawers, cabinets and other pieces of furniture for the toddlers may get an electric shock or hurt themselves as they walk around the house .
The best way to secure these appliances is by installing and using a multipurpose latch. The multipurpose latch is made from flexible clear plastic and is strong in nature. By installing it on the appliance, you are safeguarding the appliance as well as the child while the décor of the area is not getting affecting in any manner.

We have briefly covered a few of the most affordable and handy safety measures which could make you feel safer and well prepared to tackle emergencies.  You can get these extensive range of safety equipment from via discount coupons available at couponraja online. So, go ahead and decide to invest in them for accidents and tragic occurrences happen at most unexpected time and circumstances.

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