The Alarming Effects of Air Pollution


India is a vast country with many beautiful cities and towns and villages and is known for its rich culture and hospitality among others. Yet India is ranked No.1 in pollution-related deaths.  Big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata also are grappling with issues regarding air pollution.

The Issue

Day by day the fresh air that we breathe is getting polluted and contaminated by biological molecules, mixing of particulates and other harmful substances causing Air Pollution. Air Pollution is one of the most crucial environmental issues that we Indians are facing in today’s time. Especially the air quality in Northern India is getting worse rapidly every year.

We all know that any harmful gases when get mixed with fresh air causes air pollution. Air Pollution is the addition of pollutants or foreign particles into the air that causes adverse effects on vegetation, animals and most importantly human beings.


Air Pollution is mainly caused by automobiles such as cars, scooter, trucks, trains, airplanes, etc. The smoke that comes out of these vehicles mixes with the air causing pollution. Power plants, oil refineries, industrial factories emit large amounts of gases that too mix with the air causing air pollution. Chemical gases are released into the air by burning of fuels such as natural gas, oil, petrol, coal contaminating it. Gases released from volcanoes, wildfires, burning of garbage also contribute to air pollution. Soil particles, dust, and pollen, natural gases are also the source of air pollution.


Recently The Supreme court banned the sale of fireworks in Delhi just before Diwali festival, which is the most awaited festivals of every Indian. Why The Supreme Court had to take such a drastic step? In 2016, the air pollution got dangerously high in Northern India, especially Delhi after Diwali. The fireworks added toxic air pollutants to already polluted air, causing an emergency situation in the capital. The air qualities in the capital with the volume of ultrafine particulates PM 2.5and PM 10 were violating the annual safe standards by over five times.

How is it effecting

Some reports from World Health Organization claim 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 deaths every year in India due to air pollution. Why so many deaths, are we not aware of the alarming effects of air pollution.

Combustion of fuels in automobiles, industries, kitchens accounts for 50% of total air pollution in the atmosphere. This contaminated air is high in carbon monoxide which mixes with the blood and weakens our ability to breathe enough oxygen. High amounts of carbon monoxide can also cause deaths.Air Pollution also causes respiratory diseases like bronchitis, lung cancer etc.

The burning of petroleum and coal in thermal plants, industries, and automobiles releases large quantities gases such as sulphur dioxides which mix with the atmosphere. As water vapour is present in the air, sulpur dioxide mixes with it and causes acid rains. These types of rains cause huge damage to crops, vegetation. Human beings also can experience eye irritation and respiratory problems because of high sulphur dioxide in the air.

Due to the constant increase in air pollution, Carbon dioxide is also alarmingly rising. Carbon dioxide absorbs infrared radiation which causes an increase in temperature also known as Global Warming, leading to the melting of glaciers and rise in water levels in river and seas, further causing floods and damage to land, property and human habitat.

Depletion of Ozone layer and adverse effects on animals are also few other alarming effects of air pollution.Air pollution is a big challenge we need to address and overcome to see a better tomorrow.

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