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Water is essential for every one of us. So it is very necessary for us to assure that the water that we drink is pure and suitable for drinking. There are many different particles and bacteria in the water that makes the water impure and if we drink such water it is certain that we fall severely sick. It is now not a big deal to purify the water. It is the last thing probably you can think of getting sick. So in order to avoid such circumstances it is must for you to purify the water and then drink. The following are the methods of water purification.

The Boiling Water Method:

Take a deep pan pour the amount of water you wish to boil. Do not cover the pan. The process of boiling will kill all the unnecessary bacteria that might harm you. Also by boiling, many chemicals and other such particles would evaporate making the water safe to drink. Once the water is boiled it is said that the dirt and other bacteria form a layer on the water and float. You can certainly use a cloth to filter the rest of the water.

Using Purification Tablets & Drops:

You can get water purification tablets and drops which are used to make the water pure and better. Chlorine tablets and iodine tablets are used to kill the bacteria. These tablets are mostly used by the people in the camps to purify the water. One must have to wait for at least 30 minutes as these tablets and water drops needs half an hour to kill the bacteria and germs and make the water drinkable.

Creating A Purifying System:

Make layers of sand, charcoal, grass and gravel (small pebbles). Charcoal is used to kill the bacteria and purify the water. Now pour the water through the layers into the containers. This purification of the water is not the best method for purifying. This method of purification is not at all guarantee. The water purification might work or might not by this method. There are chances that water remains contaminated by this process of purification.

Personal Water Purifier:

The personal water purifier filters the water. The basic advantage is the bacteria and other parasites can be killed and make the water drinkable. When it comes to natural calamities like floods, hurricanes and storms the water gets contaminated. This is the time personal water purifier is the cheapest way to make the water pure and drinkable.

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